I can't get over how much better is compared to

Everything flows together more smoothly, and the packages are much smaller

There aren't an ungodly number of dependencies attached to everything

My only complaint thus far is that I really liked the `aptitude` package manager. If anyone knows of something similar for BSD please educate me.

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I don't know what they use instead but it's very nice

@minervissa there is pkgin at Netbsd also as a similar tool aptitude

pkgin seems to be command line-only; aptitude is an ncurses UI for apt-get, Debian's package manager

@minervissa from your question here I looked in the #FreeBSD forum. there seems to be a GUI front end for pkg.

the common opinion is that FreeBSD is a console based OS for servers, the rest is non-essential extra (my words). guess that leaves the bloat.

pkg though has a lot of nice options, there are several sites describing them.

@minervissa my personal experience with BSD OSes is that none of them support my touchscreens

@minervissa aptitude is for me also a problem with every not-debian operating system. I feel with you.

@darkstar No, aptitude has a user interface as well as the command-line options

@minervissa I agree that aptitude is nice to explore packages and decide what to install / remove / ... maybe one day @alfonsosiciliano will be able to put his awesome skills to work in addressing this with some TUI tool for #FreeBSD.

@minervissa and FWIW: some things that are done with systemd in #Debian are done with devfs(8) in #FreeBSD.
If all you need is service management, there are great tools like daemon(8) in base and runit from ports (which does not have to be an init system), runit has the nice thing that you can also use it in #Debian-like systems and behaves consistently.

@evilham @minervissa it could be a nice project in the future. PCBSD had a GUI package manager in the past but I don't know the current state of the project.

@alfonsosiciliano @minervissa uuuh interesting, added that to my mental queue for somewhen in the future :-).

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