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I'm going to keep posting like nothing is happening, right up until the instance shuts down and I vanish. Memento mori.

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This is peak comedy. This is what all other comedy aspires to be. This is the greatest video ever made.

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Estrogen is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

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time to change to my avatar with halloween colors (orange and black)

Dumb idea 

Buy shitty cables (copper) on an online platform that allows for reviews.
Write a review containing the complaint to Ea-Nasir in cuneiform.

Just learned about femboys and pumpkins

Y'all need help

It occurs to me that the "or else" part can't be enforced without a way to contact me

But whatever

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I've been told to switch instances before this one closes or else

anyone know a good instance with similar moderators?

watching a video of the new rimworld dlc and repeatedly going "if a mod did this it would be laughed off the workshop"


trying to help someone dealing with systemic transphobia. sui mention 

so my roommate is from malaysia. she's like a distinguished honor student (like, shook hands with the prime minister distinguished) who got a government scholarship to study in the US.

a peer of hers outed her as trans to the embassy responsible for administering the scholarship and they're like, tolerant of her identity - but the worry is that if a peer leaks photos of her or something, it could get back home and attract the attention of the government there and get her support pulled.

she's in a pretty rough spot thinking about what to do next (talking about detransition or suicide). if anyone has dealt with anything like this or has suggestions we would appreciate them

type of brand new dwarf fortress player who is creating a character and sees "Musicality" and goes "hell yeah I want muscles"

it's kind of a shame that communism has been turned into an elaborate "theory" when it's really dirt simple to understand. if a guy makes $100 worth of product in a day and the boss pays him $25 for it, then he's paying the boss $75 to tell him to work faster. you could just Take the machines

i think i'd recommend "knowing just enough about homestuck to be dangerous"

there's really no feeling that compares to casually mentioning that you took a classpect quiz once and watching a wave of shame rush over someone as they're suddenly reminded of a past they thought they'd buried

To my surprise, most of the games I was gonna pirate (rune factory, ty the tasmanian tiger, steamworld) are for sale on Steam. Get fucked Nintendo!

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EmuDeck is pretty good
It even put cover art on Fire Emblem

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