Reason why evolutionary psychology is bullshit #1638

"Lesbians exist because straight men think its hot"

But seriously evolutionary psychology needs to die. It's basically fanfic posing as science and damaging to marginalized groups.

Boomers: Spend 10 years writing news stories about how millennials are shit. Calling them entitled, the generation of appreciation trophies, the generation who failed to launch, the triggered snowflake generation, etc.

Millennials: Make the 'ok boomer' meme.

Boomers: Unironically write news stories decrying generational generalizations and how millennials are shit for making this meme.

It's seriously peak boomer. They have absolutely no self awareness.

A lot has changed in the last 2 months. I was approved for SSI, then I moved from the US to Finland, got married and got permanent residency in Finland. I went from living in abject poverty to being financially secure. I don't live alone and no longer have to worry about someone finding my dead body in my apartment because there was no one to call emergency services. It sill feels unreal that life can change this much.

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A question to ask yourself:

What emotion or thought gets me to do things I don't want to do?

For me I think it's often fear, guilt or anger. Maybe I need to work on changing that.

ICE targeted residents in Sunset Park and Harlem todayโ€”but were rejected at the door because they didnโ€™t have warrants. Donโ€™t make it easy for them, and give yourselves and your loved ones as much time as possibleโ€”know your rights.

I didn't get paid when I expected to this week, and I could use some help getting to the end of the month. If you have a couple dollars you can throw my way, I'd really appreciate it. #transcrowdfund


I've created the "How to Live on #LowIncome" wiki! It just has a list of wanted articles so far. If you want to add to it, you can already start! Yay, let's build this together, and save lives!
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@frameacloud most low income people in the US use safelink wireless or assurance wireless. They are funded by the federal gov. and give low income folks free phone service.

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