Shout out to all the folks that donated some funds when I went away for a couple of days.

I'm not really ready to go into what all is going down in my life right now, but know every single dollar really helps right now.

These random kindnesses really keep me going. You have no idea how it helps to motivate even in the dark times.

I added a twitter widget and .ics calendar file parsing to the main arch women website :D


You can see it live at

There is a bug with the calendar events display that is happening on production but not development I have to figure out. the br's should be rendered html and not escaped, but I'm 99% of the way done.

Next I will serve the .ics file so people can subscribe to the calendar over the network.

Masto rookies, don't forget you can pin multiple messages to your profile. It's good practice to make a message with the hashtag "Introductions" to introduce yourself, and pin at least that one.

"The Sleepers",
by Gustave Courbet. Painted in 1866 and not displayed publicly until *1988* because the subject matter (lesbians) were too risque and taboo.

Might be for some people as it has naked women as the subjects in the painting.

$10,000 scholarship for femal leaders in tech. Please consider applying if you have a project you want to get off the ground:

Some things I said today while coding:

"herm, we'll see"
"well well well"
"I think its going to work"
"why can't I spell things right the first time?"
"ah yes, I missed a deliminator"

I talk to myself while I am working and it drives other people nuts. I don't notice I"m doing it unless I get too loud and break my own concentration or another person complains. My dog also gives me the side eye, maybe she isn't sure if I am talking to her or not.

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There is a joke to be made about weiner charmers or sausage sages but I'm just too tired to come up with something.

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US politics, racial relations black/white, black invisibility Show more

I read an article that I think has a lot of relevancy to today's political climate and transparency in gov and social media.

"Honesty requires trusting the judgment of the recipient to react to the truth in a reasonable and decent way. While lying is to be generally condemned, there is a behavior just as reprehensible that tends to foster lying in the first place -- undeservedly harshly punishing one for telling the truth" -

Last night I walked down the delaware-raintan canal to see the fireflies in the woods next to the water. It was absolutely incredible. There were so many fireflies it looked like every tree and blade of grass had christmas lights or fairies covering them and the lights were all reflected in the water so the world was just full of stars. Take time out to appreciate the little things, its so worth it.

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