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This reflects my own experiences:

'I wish I could say speaking out or up is easy, but it’s not, especially when you find yourself the only one having a particular experience or understanding of an experience. It can be exhausting and often isolating, even (…actually…especially) if people support your message from a distance but do little to nothing to work alongside you; if they want you to be the “first domino” but refuse to ever fall themselves.'

#socialjustice #intersectionalfeminism #racism

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I made a shit ton of dark chocolate lingon berry truffles for

Chocolate ganache flavored with vanilla and lingon berry syrup surrounded by tempered dark chocolate. Took 2 days to complete them all, around 72 truffles.

Lingon berry has an interesting taste, almost like dark cherry and cranberry mixed with raspberry.

I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep now it's 6 and nearly sunrise and the sky looks really pretty.

Some more *haiku I have written:

Standing on the beach
Red setting sun, fog rolls in
The black waves are peaceful

The phone rings again
I panic and then answer
You are not dead yet

Calling out for me
We talk about you...
Last conversation

Typing on keyboards
A comforting sound to hear
Souls sharing themselves

*haiku is a type of poetry originating in Japan that consists of 3 lines, the first is 5 syllables, second is 7 syllables and 3rd is again 5 syllables. I have more here:

Is 30 too old to wear pig tails? Fashion police pls let me know if I should stop.

That feeling when all your clothes are black and you can't find that one specific black item in the pile of clean clothes.

@bea tripwire and snort are some examples of software, and there is a Linux kermel module for intrusion detection, and there are tons of programs for analyzing logs and file changes, but what you use depends on what you are trying to protect.

A lot of men are making posts online about how the movement has made them feel uncomfortable to be alone with women because they don't want to get "falsely accused".

Women have been _afraid_ to be alone with men for thousands of years, and they are afraid of being **raped, assaulted or murdered**

Women's safety is more important than your ability to feel comfortable

Tart: baked dish consisting of a filling over a shortcrust pastry base with an open top. The filling may be sweet or savory. The categories of 'tart', 'flan', 'quiche', and 'pie' overlap, with no sharp distinctions

Torte: rich, usually multilayered, cake that is filled with whipped cream, buttercream, mousse, jam, nuts, or fruit. It is generally glazed

Pie: baked dish that contains a filling, savory or sweet. The crust can be made of shortcrust pastry, crumbs, quick bread, yeast bread or mashed potatoes

I made a ricotta blue berry tart with a short bread cookie crust. The ricotta filling is flavored with honey and fresh ground cardamom. The short bread crust came out perfect. I used this receipe:

Someone asked me what the difference is between tarts and pies, and I am not entirely sure, except that maybe tarts have a thicker crust and they are thinner?

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I keep seeing teddy bears show up randomly in my dreams. Like omens of something sinister. Brain why ???

Tried out the "Google arts and culture app" to find my art doppleganger: