My incredible friend is fund raising to get the money together for code school. She is a great sysadmin but really needs the extra push to launch her career. She really went out of her way to help me when I was struggling badly, even driving me from philly to south jersey when I was stranded at night. If you have an extra $5, consider sending a little her way.

I made an abstract cat face artwork and threw it on my redbubble:

It was nice to pause for a bit today and do something creative.

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If you are feeling anxious or upset about something you anticipate happening in the future, take a breath and think to yourself "right now, right at this moment, I am ok" . It can help bring you back from spiraling.

Everyone should take the Marie Kondo approach to relationships. Does a person give you joy? If not, time to de-clutter your social life.

I feel like the only person on the internet who likes Will Smith as the genie. He knows how to do comedy and he will put his own unique spin on the role and make it his own. I just don't understand all the hatred. Its a kid's movie. Damn.

*dog coughs in the other room once.

Me: omg I'll save you, you aren't dying are you?!?

Every fucking time. why am I like this? XD

I just wanted to share this:

"red neck" sort of guy explaining why food stamps are important and also discusses using food stamps to buy seeds and have a vegetable garden to supplement food for low income people.

Does anyone else remember the drama over middle school birthday invites? Now as an adult, the intense emotions, tears and fights that happened over birthday parties seems so completely rediculous, but at the time people rrally took it seriously.

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There is a cute app called "monster girl maker" and I used it to make a monster version of myself.

I created "meskarune" as a character/fictional self insert in middle school. Half human, half demon with purple and black hair, gold eyes, venomous fangs, a prehensile tail, claws and pointed ears.

The monster girl creator version isn't exact, but still fun/cute. I added an eye patch because I'm blind in one eye in rl.

Maybe I should try to find and post old drawings of "meskarune".

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Its Friday! Here is my #followFriday list:

@pfefferle - indieweb, wp ap plugin

@gcluley - Computer security chap

@pollita - core php dev

@ramsey - web dev, admin of

@kevinflo - web dev, creator of @fediversecast

@bagder - dev, creator of curl

@Bat - creator of #plume

@ericlbarnes creator of @laravelnews


“If stupid, bad, or drunken behavior as a minor back in high school were the standard, every male politician in Washington, DC would fail.” - Joe Walsh

An anonymous lawyer close to the White House told Politico, “If somebody can be brought down by accusations like this, then you, me, every man certainly should be worried.”

Me: Time to castrate congress in the midterms

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