Show newer Peter Parker a whitewashed Jewish kid from Queens?

“Dick is a renewable resource.” - Monty at the BBQ tonight

As part of my therapeutic and other work (as a therapist), I’ve been investigating hospice and chaplaincy. My grandmother was a chaplain and a hospice worker and I interned for chaplains with the army. It’s nearly impossible for pagans to get accredited as chaplains though.

Peter Watts’ “Rifters” books were not supposed to be predictive but they catch the tone of the next couple of decades, I think.

Apparently I have a sailboat and a younger girlfriend who likes it more than me. Ah, mid-life crisis.

I present to you, the worst geek movie ever made. Possibly the worse. I've never actually seen it as my dad, who had no taste, told me it was dogshit and he'd watch anything. Score 0 on rottentomatoes.

"Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)"

Fuck I hate Windows.

(I worked at Microsoft for 9 years too...)

The goats in the new Thor movie never get old and stole the movie.

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