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Rekka wrote an amazing little blog post about summer, rekindling passion for personal projects and making time to fill sketchbooks with stories.

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I had this idea yesterday looking at our Go board, a black stone with 8 neighbors will fits neatly into a byte, if I think of the black stone as my PC, and the white stones as the bits in an 8-bit opcode.

I can devise a sort of computer that that is not a cellular automata, but more like a befunge where each step of the running program pulls an opcode made from the black stone's neighbors.

Memoria relayed

I saw a new nonfiction book on the Slenderman killing and immediately thought of That says…something.

Me, not at work or working on the first vacation since three months before covid…

5 of 5 stars to Shall Machines Bite the Sun by Benjanun Sriduangkaew

GitHub - typoes/harry-potter-gen-z: Harry Potter: The Gen Z Edition

Honey Heist tonight.


Name: Sid
Descriptor: Unhinged
Hat: Bowler
Bear Type: Black Bear
Skill: Climb
Role: Hacker

I’m hearing two Gen Z men have the cutest date discussing Clive Barker and manga a table over from me…

Do you ever feel like we're playing out the scenario from "Children of Men" with our lives but just in slow motion?

If I was to pick an anthem album for my youth, it would be “Pretty Hate Machine” by Nine Inch Nails.

Sits in restaurant having beer. Hears “Cars” by Gary Numan. Looks around and realizes is only one alive when song was released…

How am I dating someone who, knowing nothing of the Sandman, and seeing the trailer? Tells me to go have fun watching it!?!? Meanwhile, we watch Stranger Things together.

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