I’ve been tainted by my long residence in California for half my adult life, I’ve realized. Not just a seattle boy anymore.

I’m Pasadena and I forgot how California is in the summer.

A meditation themed prompt for AI generated imagery: "The first AI reaching enlightenment deep in meditation." (Not my work, just reposting.)

Honey Heist tonight.


Name: Sid
Descriptor: Unhinged
Hat: Bowler
Bear Type: Black Bear
Skill: Climb
Role: Hacker


I’m hearing two Gen Z men have the cutest date discussing Clive Barker and manga a table over from me…

Age brings us all low. I have portable reading glasses now.

Peter Watts’ “Rifters” books were not supposed to be predictive but they catch the tone of the next couple of decades, I think.

Apparently I have a sailboat and a younger girlfriend who likes it more than me. Ah, mid-life crisis.

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