I saw a new nonfiction book on the Slenderman killing and immediately thought of @krimhum@twitter.com. That says…something.

Me, not at work or working on the first vacation since three months before covid… t.co/hsDtYaPc3T

5 of 5 stars to Shall Machines Bite the Sun by Benjanun Sriduangkaew goodreads.com/review/show/4833

GitHub - typoes/harry-potter-gen-z: Harry Potter: The Gen Z Edition github.com/typoes/harry-potter

Honey Heist tonight.


Name: Sid
Descriptor: Unhinged
Hat: Bowler
Bear Type: Black Bear
Skill: Climb
Role: Hacker


I’m hearing two Gen Z men have the cutest date discussing Clive Barker and manga a table over from me…

Do you ever feel like we're playing out the scenario from "Children of Men" with our lives but just in slow motion? t.co/p89nedvG9Y

If I was to pick an anthem album for my youth, it would be “Pretty Hate Machine” by Nine Inch Nails. youtu.be/ghIRu6UvQPc

Sits in restaurant having beer. Hears “Cars” by Gary Numan. Looks around and realizes is only one alive when song was released… t.co/zkpPsT47Ra

How am I dating someone who, knowing nothing of the Sandman, and seeing the trailer? Tells me to go have fun watching it!?!? Meanwhile, we watch Stranger Things together.


There was a “1,000 year game challenge” a decade back by Daniel Solis to design a game that would still be played in 1,000 years, like Go or Chess. I still ponder this and like a few of the entries.



Age brings us all low. I have portable reading glasses now.

After living in Tacoma for two years during our pandemic, I’m buying a new home in Seattle. It will be good to be back home where most of my friends and acquaintances are (and my girlfriend).

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