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My name is Emma. I love video games and D&D and prog rock and crabs.

I'm a twinefolk and a bitsyfolk and I make video games!!!

:purple_sparkling_heart: itchio: emmadaues
:purple_sparkling_heart: twitter: siberianKhatru

Sometimes I write/draw about sad cats in space

:cat_tilting_head: twitter: spacebubblecat
:cat_tilting_head: instagram: spacebubblecat

It's nice to now have a corner of the internet where my family doesn't stalk me so now I can yell about how gay I am :heart_bi:

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not a day goes by where i don't think about my love for candle and how i wanna be best friends with them

i absolutely love candle so much :purple_sparkling_heart: :purple_sparkling_heart: :purple_sparkling_heart: they are SO FUNNY

you ever step back and realize that there are some little details in your life that you take for granted, but to an outsider may seem completely bizarre

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jsut thinking about how deadmau5's car's paint job was so bad ferrari sent him a cease and desist letter

yeah sex is great but actually, i couldn't truthfully tell you if it is or not

yeah sex is great but have you ever freed yourself from the bonds of material goods

did some good good basement cleanin' today, boys

jk i really like sending letters it's just that i wanna send some drawings as well and those take t i m e and e f f o r t

[get letters from friends] wheeze now i gotta send stuff back

i love it when my friends are all like "i forgot you had a brother" yeah he's kinda like that

omg i forgot i get to see my cryptid brother tomorrow

i'm never not in the hot seat with my parents and it's probably going to be this way forever until i get out of this damn house

i think my dad's somehow angry at me that i didn't have my interview today, even though it wasn't even my fault it got cancelled.....i can really just. never win

this is the first time we've gotten like. Real-Ass snow in years it's beautiful
and now i have a little more time to make this presentation the absolute best!!!! :purple_sparkling_heart: :teal_heart:

well maybe if the Bitsy portion of my presentation goes over well i'll be doing instructional classes about that as well, it'll be a way to make me an asset :black_sparkles_outline: :thinkhappy:

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