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Hi I'm Emma! :blobcatreach:
I do practically everything, with varying degrees of skill

If you wanna see all the things, here's my website
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If you just wanna play my games, here's my itchio
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I'm a Bitsyfolk! Make a Bitsy game!
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I like 🦀 & :blobcatlisten: & :d20: & :jolly_roger:

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"Games are more expensive to make!"

That's because you make them more expensive so you can rip people off more. Every major publisher is swimming in obscene amounts of money. There's a guy who owns a studio making a game called "cyberpunk" and he personally is a fucking billionaire. You're not "supporting the industry" by paying £70 for a game, you're just perpetuating total bullshit.

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I finally received my Microsoft playing cards! It also has two all new Joker cards designed by Susan Kare for the occasion

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Almost all the bail funds I looked at today were at capacity on donation, is a national emergency response fund that promises to send the money where it's needed across the entire bail fund network.

On other fronts, has been extremely dedicated about signal boosting ways to support black communities in Minnesota, and is a mutual-aid document compiling individuals connected to the protests who need support

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well pride month just started here and i wanna say to my fellow white queers that we cannot switch focus entirely now and forget about the protests going on.

we need to support our black siblings with whatever they need, for as long as they need it, because they've always supported us, because we have a shared interest in opposing the cops, and because of course, it's simply the right thing to do.

we got our rights through riots, and we got our rights through the work of black queers

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valid to call your gay girlfriend your wife

really been feeling like all i want to do is lie down and exert 0 energy lately

i like legitimately lose it every time i go to see ballet because the girls are so graceful and pretty and athletic and i curse myself for not having the foresight at age 5 to train my entire life to become a pretty ballerina

wanna see swan lake with my gf......

you can mark down mid-may as when i officially snapped


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