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My name is Emma. I love video games and D&D and prog rock and crabs.

I'm a twinefolk and a bitsyfolk and I make video games!!!

:purple_sparkling_heart: itchio: emmadaues
:purple_sparkling_heart: twitter: siberianKhatru

Sometimes I write/draw about sad cats in space

:cat_tilting_head: twitter: spacebubblecat
:cat_tilting_head: instagram: spacebubblecat

It's nice to now have a corner of the internet where my family doesn't stalk me so now I can yell about how gay I am :heart_bi:

:msdos: relayed

i'm gonna wear a shirt to FV that says "Adam Ledoux doesn't deserve this godforsaken community"

had a bit of a scare bc i let my mom look at my mall purchases when i got home and forgot that i had bought a patch that says KINDA GAY in big rainbow letters

my mom pulled it out and i snatched it out of her hands,,,,,,,,she didn't say anything about it so i don't. know if she read it quickly enough to register what it said....but i'm kinda on edge

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i looked in the mirror today and was shocked by how cute i felt

i once again started crying thinking about meeting my friends at FV so who wants to bet money that i'm just gonna be In Tears the entire time i'm there

started feeling kinda nauseated but i haven't been good at staying hydrated this week so imma partake in some fluids and see if i feel better

brain: "you're supposed to write a letter for that girl on tinder, maybe that could become something"

very much overslept but i need a shower :'(

everything is tea,
except tea, which is water
you know water, it's just tea
now ask yourself who's drinking you

girls??? talking to me??? calling me cute???? sounds impossible but here we are

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gets a tinder to find a gf, ends up getting more pen pals

i've only ever owned CotCK but my brother gave me Red, Discipline, and Lark's Tongues in Aspic to listen to and i'm STOKED

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