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? okay
My name is Emma. I love video games and D&D and prog rock and crabs.

I'm a twinefolk and a bitsyfolk and I make video games!!!

:purple_sparkling_heart: itchio: emmadaues
:purple_sparkling_heart: twitter: siberianKhatru

Sometimes I write/draw about sad cats in space

:cat_tilting_head: twitter: spacebubblecat
:cat_tilting_head: instagram: spacebubblecat

It's nice to now have a corner of the internet where my family doesn't stalk me so now I can yell about how gay I am :heart_bi:

maybe if i DO get accepted for the dev job i should just take the receptionist job anyway bc it would piss off my dad the most

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sometimes you have a really good week or so where you're a functioning member of society and then sometimes you collapse into a useless pile of goo for a couple days because you can't stop thinking about kissing girls

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*at the onion store*
me: i'll take one onion please
cashier: sorry, we're out of onions
me: a shallot?
cashier: out of those too
me: how about a spring onion
cashier: none left i'm afraid
me: so what do you have
cashier: the big one...
me: the big one?
cashier: *pulls out a 4ft wide onion from the secret drawer in their desk* the big one

5 mins after interview: incredible!!! that felt really good! I'm a natural!!
1 hour after interview: i hate myself and the entire world

i choked up when there was a lady asking questions to see where my "passion lies" and internally i was like "lady i just need a job"

god dammit why do these job dudebros wait until I'm in the middle of ANOTHER interview to call me to schedule phone screenings

tfw you accidentally let your communism show in the middle of a job interview

hey LISTEN once i get this interview over with........i THINK my anxiety will calm down enough to work more on Bitsy :sparkles_blue:
i don't think i'll get it done by record collection jam deadline but i'm still excited to work on it

this is like, the umpteenth time in a row i've had to bail out of a jam; the more it happens the more sad i get...
i haven't released a game since september, i feel awful :(

damn so record collection jam ends on wednesday, but like, the START of wednesday, at midnight
so thought i had 3 days to finish but i really have 2 :oof:
yeah sorry that ain't happening

paranoid.......but in a really sexy way

ducky getting mad at me running along his train lines instead of using a cart cracks me up every time

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