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? okay
My name is Emma. I love video games and D&D and prog rock and crabs.

I'm a twinefolk and a bitsyfolk and I make video games!!!

:purple_sparkling_heart: itchio: emmadaues
:purple_sparkling_heart: twitter: siberianKhatru

Sometimes I write/draw about sad cats in space

:cat_tilting_head: twitter: spacebubblecat
:cat_tilting_head: instagram: spacebubblecat

It's nice to now have a corner of the internet where my family doesn't stalk me so now I can yell about how gay I am :heart_bi:

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i hate whatever's going on in em's boosts right now 😂

Oh hey, I should post about my lizards over here
Remind me to do that tomorrow morning

I feel like over the summer I've amped up my Gay Factor a lot and I'm banking on That One Time I Had A Fling With A Guy last year to keep my parents from questioning my actions too much

hhhhh but i gotta clean up and get dressed if any of this is gonna happen

last time i brought my laptop but didn't end up using it....i DID bring some game design notebooks and ended up working a good amount on that, so maybe i'll just bring the notebooks this time

got invited back to secret game dev meetup tonight!!!! hhhh they like me i guess :patcat:

fuckin. i'm still blown out of the water with everything ayo accomplishes

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idk where all these cool people on birdsite are coming from to follow me, i'm a literal mess

I genuinely think teens are forced way too early to choose things regarding their career/future.
I genuinely didn't feel like I was ready to make grown-up decisions until like. my fourth year of college

Nothing like eatin burgs with your sister and dissing capitalism

Cheche is going through that teen dissillusionment as she tries to figure out what she chooses for college/carreer
Some of the stuff she says is kinda worrying, but then I remembered that I thought a lot of worrying things as a teen as well, and that growing up was really helpful for me.
Also talking with her more, seems most of her worries just stem from capitalism, which is....incredibly valid

"even if you're a flaming liberal i'll still love you" thanks mom

i'd love a tattoo but i'm a weenie who is incredibly afraid of needles

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