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Hi I'm Emma! :blobcatreach:
I do practically everything, with varying degrees of skill

If you wanna see all the things, here's my website
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If you just wanna play my games, here's my itchio
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I'm a Bitsyfolk! Make a Bitsy game!
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I like 🦀 & :blobcatlisten: & :d20: & :jolly_roger:

:bisexual_flag: :sparkles_bi: :heart_bi: :marble_bisexual: :bisexual_triangles: 🚲 :so_gay:

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:crt_w_blue_screen: NEW GAME ALERT! :crt_w_blue_screen: 

adventures in emmaland 

adventures in emmaland 

me, approximately 2 hours after my gf logs off to go to sleep: w...where is my wife :blobsad:

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2020 will be the year of not trying very hard at your job

me an hour after my gf logs off to go to sleep: where is my wife

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please play my christmas game, it’s only the length of a song!

(also please have sound on, because of the aforementioned song)

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how come every original christmas song is good but every cover of every christmas song is bad

sending your girlfriend those "what's your wacky [X] name" memes is a little anticlimactic when you realize you have the same first initial and were both born on the 13th of a month


"if i have a bad experience at a restaurant I'll take notes while I'm there for my review" jfc

coworker at lunch talking about how she is really into reviewing restaurants on yelp and i'm shocked to remember that normal people exist

last month i spent,,, a lot of money but also this week is harsh so i'm gonna be nice to myself and get some lunch

:bunhop: <- me escaping work for an hour to go down to the food trucks

work :angery: 

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