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Hi I'm Emma! :blobcatreach:
I do practically everything, with varying degrees of skill

If you wanna see all the things, here's my website
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If you just wanna play my games, here's my itchio
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I'm a Bitsyfolk! Make a Bitsy game!
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I like 🦀 & :blobcatlisten: & :d20: & :jolly_roger:

:bisexual_flag: :sparkles_bi: :heart_bi: :marble_bisexual: :bisexual_triangles: 🚲 :so_gay:

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gonna set my alarm and clean house tomorrow morning never ends

:sparkles_blue: slept all morning
:sparkles_blue: did laundry all afternoon
:sparkles_blue: cleaned house all evening

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i feel like i can at least function in the world again

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channelled all that sadposting about dating into some lesbian love poems, and illustrated them with bitsy games. check them out if that's what you're into

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