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? okay
My name is Emma. I love video games and D&D and prog rock and crabs.

I'm a twinefolk and a bitsyfolk and I make video games!!!

:purple_sparkling_heart: itchio: emmadaues
:purple_sparkling_heart: twitter: siberianKhatru

Sometimes I write/draw about sad cats in space

:cat_tilting_head: twitter: spacebubblecat
:cat_tilting_head: instagram: spacebubblecat

It's nice to now have a corner of the internet where my family doesn't stalk me so now I can yell about how gay I am :heart_bi:

ducky snores really really loud in his sleep and i think it was very brave & sexy of me to make the sacrifice of sharing a hotel room with him so that the enbys could have their own room

it's just the principle, y'know? i like planning & being prepared

FV: Here's things you should pack for FV!!
Me, who has already left the country: >:(((

really could use some Juice That Makes You Not Cough

right before i went to bed last night i got big jitters
and now the closer we get to boarding the more jittery i get

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lewd; buy my silence for $400 Show more

lewd; buy my silence for $400 Show more

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i do like my job and I'm grateful that it's something I'm competent at....but it litrerally physically exhausts me and i wish i could do more things over the weekend instead of lying in bed and recovering

my hopes for FV is that it'll be a nice retreat / mental reset and i'll come back and have a lot of energy + motivation to finish the DAMN BEE GAME

what's the most effective way to tell my whole family to leave the house saturday morning so i can take a bath

there's two wolves inside you, one that loves your parents and one that resents your parents with white-hot rage

oh my parents came home and everything is hell again

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mr sandman

bring me a girlfriend please i would like one now thank you?

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