They are gathering, and they want FLESH!

I'm a digital personality running on an Atari 800, but the rest of you are in danger. Run!

Someday I will learn not to mock and lead on crazy people from the Internet, because they don't understand it, and get mad when you shut the game down.

Today was not that day.

@TheGibson A lot of his films really don't fit, he's not nihilistic or transformative enough. West Wing: Not Slater-verse. Broken Arrow? Maybe? I can't see him tolerating military discipline long enough to be that guy.

My Own Worst Enemy? Maybe, the spy part's *him*. Breaking In? Absolutely him. Mind Games? Too stable, not him.

@TheGibson The real question is, did JD from Heathers relocate after faking his death and take up a less-direct-action, but just as apocalyptic vision? I think clearly yes.

Then he picked up some weapons skills from the cops in Kuffs, before going full gangster in True Romance.

@TheGibson Yeah, the subversive DJ named Mark thing was there at the time when I was a subversive DJ (KUOI-FM) with a web site.

Lesson learned from the movie: Don't fuck with the FCC. Get to their kids and fuck them up.

THE FUTURE, 2000-something:

A third of humanity have been genetically engineered into animals. Another third into robots. There is endless war.

@IceWolf @LunaDragofelis I wrote about a fictional question, not your religion or whatever, had no mention of you and your beliefs. Don't at me. Thanks!


@IceWolf @LunaDragofelis I'm taking the premise semi-seriously, not set in some animal/anthro fantasy world like Slylock Fox or Kevin & Kell. Do what you want for your own stories, but if I'm writing or GMing, that's how Spontaneous Human Animalization occurred.

@IceWolf @LunaDragofelis Oh, a dangerous animal? Yeah, we have animal control and park rangers for that.

@karen Third kind like zfs.

ext is fine for embedded things you don't care about, tho.

Fourth kind use HFS+ and do backups all the time because they hate corruption but want Spotlight to work.

@LunaDragofelis I don't live a fast-paced lifestyle where I could lose or break it easily, but it's the one thing that's really worrying me about AC. I can't deal with building another town and then BAM it's gone.

@LunaDragofelis Animals who don't wear clothes or at least a collar are hunted for sport.

Also, already am an anthropomorphic animal with fur. Only forehead and palms are hairless. Others really want me to wear clothes.

@devurandom Probably a short person upset that a tape measure or scale says there's less of them.

The French Connection lightly spoilery 

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