They are gathering, and they want FLESH!

I'm a digital personality running on an Atari 800, but the rest of you are in danger. Run!

You think computer fragmentation's awful, this is just the avoid-damage AC systems I know of in D&D-likes, let alone the many ablative armor systems:

In the year 2000-something, a massive central network called COMNET links the computers of the world, forming a single global computer system. COMNET, designed to serve the interests of mankind, is managed by the supercomputer, GROSSER. But when GROSSER decides to take over the world, a savior is needed!
A computer-illiterate girl named Yui Kasuga…

Who doesn't spend all their spare time in elevators and airplanes from New York ("subway") to London, contributing to global warming?

"Dinner companion in bathroom" is Thiel admitting he pays London prostitutes, yes?

FEAR ME, for I can make a BAT file!

(I don't know how to associate it with an extension yet, so it's all manual jiggery-pokery, but baby steps in a minefield)

I am now seriously baffled that anyone lives in that squalor. Every time I open a settings panel, the only way I can find to close it is to "pin" & unpin it.

Edge doesn't ship with any alternative search engines, had to visit duck.go to add it.

The file browser is hilarious, it's not as useful as Windows 3.1 fileman.exe was.

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