Today's is Rogue One! Surely nothing bad can come from a Star Wars movie! (3.5/7 being worth watching so far, not counting the cartoons). And yeah, I'm not always gonna watch the side films in theatre.
Why is Forrest Whittaker always the semi-trustworthy military guy these days?
I like the Rebels being portrayed like Mujahideen or ISIS, just absolute psycho scum.
Mon Mothma is good casting.

Space Zatoichi is pretty good. And reusing the old no-name/action figure characters in little street scenes.
Imperial tank is weird, there's very few non-walker vehicles in Star Wars, and never in Imperial use.

Suddenly hitting the da-da-da-DUT! music stinger every fucking time someone gets punched is like a really crappy videogame switching in and out of combat music.

Entire 2nd act was pointless, downbeat, killed the momentum.
Project manager guy was completely uninteresting, maybe the least effective villain ever; Lumberg was way more menacing in Office Space.
A big war scene in a beachfront paradise is pretty, but reveals the CGI/shoddy mini/actual set switches. Darkness is your friend, filmmakers.
K2SO was a badass, best robot buddy since K9.
Vader's 5 minutes were awesome.
Jyn & Tonic never rose above "present" for her scenes.

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