I'm still extremely excited for Animal Crossing New Horizons, but Nintendo's user-hostile cloud policy sucks so much shit it could create a whole new shit continent in the Pacific to do live-action Animal Crossing/Battle Royale on.

ACNH doesn't do cloud saves. Except sometime in the distant future, it will IF you keep paying Nook^W Nintendo for "Switch Online". Supposedly if you lose your Switch they'll let you restore it to a new one… but you can't just move it to another device.

@mdhughes It's the same bullshit with Splatoon 2 (doesn't support cloud saves, despite a significant amount of data being duplicated on the servers for the SplatNet 2 app). I lost a Switch once, and the only games where I had to start from zero were Minecraft and Splatoon 2.

@LunaDragofelis I don't live a fast-paced lifestyle where I could lose or break it easily, but it's the one thing that's really worrying me about AC. I can't deal with building another town and then BAM it's gone.

@mdhughes Mine fell out of my bag when I was sprinting to catch a train, and by the time I rushed back to the station it was just GONE.

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