Mostly pointless, they didn't shoot the script and the actors were petulant babies, but:

"Famously, Smith turned down the role of Neo in The Matrix in order to play Jim West, a decision that, with the gift of hindsight, looks inexplicable"

So we could've had a Matrix with an actor who can speak beyond a monotone stoner "whoah", and not had the Wild Wild West movie?! Darkest timeline.

@mdhughes Would such a timeline lack the John Wick movies though?

@ishiku I haven't seen them, I have a policy I don't watch movies I know a dog dies in (I'm very unhappy about that scene in Polar, but Polar's a dark movie about bad people).

@mdhughes They're pretty good, and [spoilers] he finds a new dog.

@mdhughes Keanu has a pretty wide range. Here, he's overacting… but he's fitting in with the movie and is overacting perfectly. Much like he stoners perfectly.

@tewha I did like that one, but Don John's a sociopathic asshole, so Keanu's a good cast.

@mdhughes I hope some director asks Keanu for a real performance before he dies. I'd love to see it. :P

@tewha I think Linklater tried in A Scanner Darkly, and Keanu's just flat in it. Borderline paranoid, maybe, but not like they'd got an actor for the role.

@mdhughes We could also have had a Matrix movie with a credits song

@robocephalic It had Rage Against the Machine, which is perfectly fitting.

But now I'm picturing a Haruhi Suziyama end theme to the Matrix, but sung by Wil Smith in drag (the worst part of WWW, in case you blotted that out of your memory).

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