This is an article I *really* want to disagree with—I *want* to fully understand my computer—but I'm not sure that I can.

> You cannot learn computers “down to the bottom" because there is no bottom. And you can’t learn them "just far enough that you fully understand them” because there is not some fully understandable, predictable layer between deploying your Node.js app to Heroku and “the bottom,” which does not exist.

@codesections Well, most of that is… if not wrong, draws a wrong conclusion. Yes, C is not much like a modern CPU, but it presents a reasonable model for thinking about low-level code, C is still among the fastest compiled languages, and most importantly you'll always need it in a HLL to talk to libraries. I write new Scheme FFI code in C every week or so.

And C doesn't pre-date threads, timesharing dates back to 1959.

@mdhughes @codesections I don’t even understand the premise, it’s right or wrong depending on how you define being a “better programmer”.

The idea that you can’t know the computer all the way down is false, especially if you acknowledge the existence of computers other than the x86 PC.

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