I really do miss Solaris and CDE (and HP-UX and HP-VUE). And it's open source now:

Seems not completely dead, maybe I could run it on Free/OpenBSD and have a tolerable workstation UNIX and nice WM again, since Apple's been working so hard to remove all the UNIX from Mac.

No, obviously not on dumpster-fire Linux.

Lack of a single menu bar for Fitt's Law is the only annoyance; the dock (and expandable application trays above each icon) were fantastic.

Illumos is in theory an OpenSolaris deployment, but OpenIndiana is most-supported but enterprisey.

Maybe Tribblix?

@mdhughes I, too, miss Solaris and CDE - looks like I've got some softwares to build this weekend!

@djsundog @zig Yeah, maybe required Athena as well? Been too long since I ran it.

@djsundog @mdhughes that looks like the WM I used at engineering school around 2007, it was running on Solaris.

@zig @djsundog All the classic WMs are. Turns out, not doing giant compositor stacks and full-screen animation for everything is really efficient!

@mdhughes @djsundog and they are / were much more advanced in terms of ux than windows... in particular the multiple "desktop" feature, that one of the reason I stayed around.

@zig @djsundog My whole complaint that got me running on this track is my Mac's 100x faster than the SPARCstation, just as capable both in GUI and low-level services, but so much slower and more annoying in practice.

@mdhughes @djsundog Speed, another reason I ditched windows. I am considering staying on GNU/Linux but use only the console. I did not do the jump yet. (the alternative would be a Scheme OS ;)

@zig @djsundog Linux drove me literally insane with anger, still does even when I just use shell; GUI and sound in it is the worst, even if they're slowly moving to Wayland.

I could do OpenBSD/FreeBSD, if this Solaris spike doesn't work out. Gonna free up some hardware and try options this weekend.

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