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good morning, here’s my new guitar

how do I know it’s mine?

it has my name on it 🤗

good morning, I just love Monday mornings because I get to catch up on all my emailsssssss

Good morning, can anyone confirm that shrink-wrapped bread is unique to America? Why do this? [cw food]

good morning, I found this guide to using `tar` very helpful [cw screaming Arnold Schwarzenegger face]

good morning to the profound absurdity and existential horror I found on my way out the door of my apartment building this morning [cw ec]

good morning, the horror van is parked outside again [cw ec]

good morning, let's check in on how the normies are doing... [cw pol]

good morning. props to Java developers for having such a good sense of humour about their, quite frankly, horrifying language

@ashfurrow In the first one, you can overload visit() all three times and polymorphism will work fine.

Most of the time, the only problem with Java is uneducated kids and consultants using it badly.

@mdhughes I have a difficult time judging people for not yet having internalized such a bizarre thing as a “programming language.”

@ashfurrow The problem is a kid's learned one hammer so that's all they apply to every problem. And the industry hires young inexperienced kids because they're cheap. And then none of our software works worth a shit.

Consultants are worse, because they should know better, but don't bother.

@mdhughes it makes me feel weird to see you call junior developers “kids” – and in any case, it was just a meme. I haven’t even written Java in nine years.

@ashfurrow I do call everyone under 30 "kids". It's very hard to distinguish them from this far side of the event horizon.

I mostly quit Java in 2008, but still maintain a few tools and it keeps those circuits active in my memory.

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@mdhughes Aren't your interactions with junior developers then constrained by looking at them as children?

I learn a lot from the juniors I work with, and even in areas where I _am_ an expert, I consider newcomers to be peers.

@ashfurrow If they've specialized in something new, they might have had time to develop one useful skill, but generally the "kids" are literally where I was 2-3 decades ago.

I'm OK with teaching them, as long as I have time, but wouldn't trust their checkins without review.

I also don't have to collaborate a lot, just solve customer problems (often created and left behind by juniors) or work on my own things. If I had to be in a giant corporate machine again that'd be a different social problem.

@mdhughes okay, well, there ya go

For the record, I don't trust _any_ checkins without review :P

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