I wrote a blog post about the differences between JavaScript and iOS developers, from a hippy-dippy "we're all the same, but also different, let's learn from each other" angle. I hope you like it.


@ashfurrow OK, but I had to view source rather than put up with your fauxcratic dialogue chat.

Which is one advantage of JS dev, it's like old-timey BASIC where I can hit Break and screw with the code. But that's also terrible.

Lack of dev tools ecosystem outside of Apple, and disagreement with this Swift marketing language, is why I quit (very profitably) sharecropping for them.

@ashfurrow @mdhughes Just wanted to echo this, except I was mobile at the time so I gave up. Got tired of pinch zooming and scrolling for each line. I'll read it on desktop later, though. :)

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