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Someday I will learn not to mock and lead on crazy people from the Internet, because they don't understand it, and get mad when you shut the game down.

Today was not that day.

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You know what I like about old videogames? There's no bullshit of "winning". No Chosen One story. No weepy cutscenes. No checklist of shit you have to do. Only 1-3 hit points, one wrong move and you're dead. You play until you die.

Maybe you get to write 3 letters on the high score list, maybe not. You will *never win*, only die. Just like life.

Parental unit let a movie trivia site install a provisioning profile which had its own email, who knows what else. Wiped it, changed his iCloud password. SIGH. At a certain point I should put a parental control on his phone.

Apparently the way for non-subscription-having people to watch Rick & Morty is Pornhub. They've been rapidly approving eps since it's not child porn, and at least someone's making ad revenue on it.

Just updated and re-uploaded my StupidComments.css to

Gets rid of infuriating bullshit on a bunch of sites. Today's update was the stupid strobing poll box on ArsTechnica.

Coffee'd up, opened Atom, then closed it again. In no goddamned mood for code.

So… now what? I'm gonna be alert with no purpose for hours.

I like point-and-click adventures, but A) shit built with Flash is so laggy and janky it's almost not worth bothering, and B) don't advance the goddamned story without warning me! and C) Have a fucking save/load so I can try and go back!

(Rusty Lake Hotel precipitated this, but it's not the only offender recently)

A Half-Life takes the same period to produce half as much content, and Valve's gonna work that metaphor into the ground.

One: Half-Life One Massive Game!
Two: Half-Life Three Unrelated Game Segments!
Alyx: Half-Life VR demo!
"Three": Half-Life Loading Screen!
Xen: Half-Life 320x200 Screenshot!

Well, now I gotta remodel my bathroom.

Horribly, Rick runs Linux. Literally for his shitbox.

Of course, you realize that "baby Yoda" is the villain of The Mandalorian. It's just playing you with the Porg eyes.

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