I look at Youtubes to see if there's any overly enthusiastic "pro-strats" videos about Mayhem, and there's a series with 282 videos, no voiceover, just gameplay, apparently mostly grinding.

Installation Basics
- Get Computer Problems Fixed
- Back Up Your Data
- Defragment Your Disk
- Follow Instruction Manual

Not mentioned: Buy/install/attach a modem, what BPS is, install PPP, set up the dialer, edit CONFIG.SYS, AOL coaster that's out of date…

"The first thing you need to know is the Internet is amazing, and it's changing every day!"

"We installed the Internet on our computer, and we haven't been able to get our kids off it!"

THE WHOLE INTERNET installed on your computer!

The Kids Guide to the Internet (1997)

You're going surfing on the Internet!

@mdhughes my theory on why the crappy tools and frameworks invariably win, is that well _anybody_ can be productive with with a good tool, but if you can pull value from a pile of broken sprockets and jagged metal, that proves you are a _real dev_

FUCKING HELL, Mastodon Autopost. Not *every* tag, just the ones on the post.

It's a Christmas miracle! No more fucking UTF-8 BOM, which is the dumbest goddamned thing anyone has ever done to a text file.

"The new and improved Notepad now has better Unicode support, defaulting to saving files as UTF-8 without a Byte Order Mark; this is the standard way of encoding UTF-8 data, as it maximizes compatibility with software expecting ASCII text. The status bar will now show the encoding being used, too."


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