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Someday I will learn not to mock and lead on crazy people from the Internet, because they don't understand it, and get mad when you shut the game down.

Today was not that day.

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You know what I like about old videogames? There's no bullshit of "winning". No Chosen One story. No weepy cutscenes. No checklist of shit you have to do. Only 1-3 hit points, one wrong move and you're dead. You play until you die.

Maybe you get to write 3 letters on the high score list, maybe not. You will *never win*, only die. Just like life.

I saw a notification but by the time I raised my phone, couldn't find it. Until I got back to the desk. Apparently a Rustacean robo-followed me for my post criticizing it, then unfollowed me instantly when he understood who I actually am. :)

Hmn. Ray Donovan looks good, just saw S1E01 free, but paying for Showtime on top of Prime, etc? Dubious.

Tiny dog found her little squeaky toy which has been lost for months. Nobody has ever been this happy.

I'm doing a little cyberpunk stream on tilderadio on a weird URL. Come listen over here tonight:

UK monarchy 

Mark sees an article he's interested in. Also a Haxx0r Nooz link. Article: Fine, a little vapid. HN: Corporate drone online marketing scum decry anything except dronery and conformity.

So, resolution for the year: Blocking HN. Fuck the google-wannabes.

US Space Force has… camouflage uniforms.

Apparently they thought Stargate SG-1 was a documentary of their mission.

They should have just used Star Trek uniforms, those are easy to source, and they're closer to the pajama/sweats-type clothes astronauts wear on ISS.

Alternate Reality: The City

I got lost in there in 1984 and never got out.

RiffTrax is doing Dr Who & the Daleks over on Twitch. The 1965 film with Peter Cushing, which has fuck-all to do with Dr Who.

The Daleks look really good, but they just spray water or whatever on you. Everyone in this should be dead after the first contact.

I'm gonna have that rule tattooed on an important body part like Memento.

TIL CSS font: must be specified weight before size:
[ [ <'font-style'> || <font-variant-css21> || <'font-weight'> || <'font-stretch'> ]? <'font-size'> [ / <'line-height'> ]? <'font-family'> ] | caption | icon | menu | message-box | small-caption | status-bar

I've had problems with this off and on forever, because I never knew the order mattered! Even Safari's inspector only gives a teeny little warning light, not any error message. FUCK.

i'm gonna fix this and then i'm gonna move to new zealand or somewhere and take up blacksmithing or something that does not involve technology shakespeare wouldn't recognize cos i'm done

with everything

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