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Is the total obliviousness to user experience by people who make open-source software:

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You know what I like about old videogames? There's no bullshit of "winning". No Chosen One story. No weepy cutscenes. No checklist of shit you have to do. Only 1-3 hit points, one wrong move and you're dead. You play until you die.

Maybe you get to write 3 letters on the high score list, maybe not. You will *never win*, only die. Just like life.

All my GeekPoints expired many years ago, that was the point where they stopped being relevant to me.

I think day one they opened, I bought a rear-view monitor mirror because my cube was situated with my back to the aisle and I *hated* it.

I still use my 8-Bitty controller from them all the time, to play Atari games on my iPad, and my USS Enterprise whiskey glasses.

Well, fuck. ThinkGeek is finally being eaten by StopGames. They haven't been good in 10 years, but still… early '00s, I *loved* ThinkGeek more than anything.

StopGames isn't likely to be long for the world, ripping people off on overpriced first-run games and trade-ins doesn't work anymore.

The retro encabulator video just kills me. The almost-legit parts lull my brain into accepting, and then it spouts nonsense.

Playing more Obduction, and portal from one world to another and then a third portal = 10 minutes doing nothing while a loading indicator fills up. How did this ship in this state?!

VLC should have a feature to add CRT scan lines and VHS fuzziness, it's weird seeing older video with perfectly sharp images.

Twitter decided to start sending me notifications again, apparently because I don't check it often (and only xpost, but they probably don't know that).

PowerfulMothering followed me. I… uh… you got entirely the wrong guy, lady. Bot advertising to ladies. Whatever you are.

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the sunglasses in They Live were just normal sunglasses. That's just what LA looks like when you wear sunglasses.

What's the word for when you're enjoying a book, but also the subject matter is so very uncomfortable you need to stop every 15-30 minutes?

"Make America Straight Again"

> He added that the “government should arrest them, try them, and if found guilty, execute them.”
But he said he doesn’t advocate private citizens hurt or kill gays, only that society make homosexuality illegal.
“It [homosexuality] was illegal in many countries until just a few years ago,” Boyle said.

SEE, he doesn't want to kill the gays, he wants SOCIETY to kill the gays. And he's part of society. Until god floods Florida and we're rid of them.


New Super Lucky's Tale looks fantastic. Mario/Spyro type cutesy platformer. It's 4.5 hours into Nintendo's E3 Clubhouse day 2.

I got out by switching to point-and-click move, and then returned to "free roam" like any modern game.

And I'm now stuck between a rock and a tree. In 5 minutes when the load screen goes away I'll know if I just have to restart or what. Can't roll-dodge or jump out of it.

Fantastic job Cyan have done here.

Finally getting around to trying Obduction, and it's very Myst-like in the not-good ways: SUPER slow to load, loading screen is just a spinning line around a logo, menu/resume takes forever, can't change controls (who thinks spacebar should be "take photo"?!)

There's a brass lamp in a starting area, but you can't take lamp. 😡🔦

Voice acting and holograms are just as terrible as mid-90s 8-bit audio and 160p video.

Glass windows in a house, but you can't knock one out and break in.

The question is, who DOES live in a pineapple under the sea? How does that make any sense? A pineapple is very small and would just be eaten or rot. Nothing that can live in that could be sapient.

A sponge? "Sponges do not have nervous, digestive or circulatory systems."

Really, sirs, this show is implausible. I demand it be replaced with reruns of H.R. Pufnstuf.

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