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Someday I will learn not to mock and lead on crazy people from the Internet, because they don't understand it, and get mad when you shut the game down.

Today was not that day.

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You know what I like about old videogames? There's no bullshit of "winning". No Chosen One story. No weepy cutscenes. No checklist of shit you have to do. Only 1-3 hit points, one wrong move and you're dead. You play until you die.

Maybe you get to write 3 letters on the high score list, maybe not. You will *never win*, only die. Just like life.

The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think (2016)

If you develop, or market, or support, any kind of information *or other* technology, READ THIS, NOW.

People, *even intelligent people*, are VASTLY less capable than you think they are.

This has two implications:

1. For mass-market, KEEP IT REALLY SMPLE.

2. For technical market/users: your total base will be SMALL.

See also: Tyranny of the Minimum Viable User

What's a least-suck programmer's editor on RasPi4? Atom's obviously insane. I could live in vim, but let's say not.

Is KATE still decent, or has the Linux Suck Fairy got to it?

Raspbian installs a ton of garbage programs standard. Plus Mathematica, oddly. vim only exists under the name "vi". Symlinks must be hard science for ya, huh?

Wasn't able to get my RasPi4 to boot. Was very very frustrated. Turns out the recommended formatting tool uses ExFat, not FAT32, and Pi will only boot from FAT32.

I actually have a hard time finding a serious villain-based movie where the "villain" is not right. They're protagonists, they're active planners, they have *fun* with it.

The "heroes" are usually assholes who sit around until people are killed and then punch someone instead of addressing the fundamental problems in their society, BATMAN.

Deadpool and Guardians are villain-on-villain violence. They're all bad guys. We Have Always Lived in the Castle, spoiler, one girl's a poisoner, tho the townies suck.

This one's bullshit in multiple ways.

Joker's the most popular clown in the world, even after being horribly portrayed by Jared Leto (who is only valid in a movie if you axe-murder him!), there's still a new Joker movie in 2 weeks.

Penguin's also a criminal with no conscience, he'd happily lure people into his club with an "edgy" show then rob them all, kill anyone who resists. Probably not a mass murderer, but wouldn't care.

Ad content has been much better than reading Mondo. Never heard this band first time around, it's interesting, much like Was Not Was but less aggressive.

Pining for the fjords today. I miss: Mondo2000, WIRED (when it was new & fun), Dr Dobb's Journal, ANTIC, Jolt Cola, The Information Superhighway. ReBoot, MST3K (when it didn't suck). IT Conversations, Daily Source Code (before Curry went insane), and Drunk & Retired podcasts. Computers which did exactly what you told them because that was the only program they ran. Java when it just ran applets. I miss several slutty girlfriends and hope they never meet.

Slightly annoyed Amaroq still has no poll support, so I have to open my timeline in the browser, which is kind of awful, which makes me appreciate native Amaroq again.

What year did you first get the internet?

Just picked up The New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft: Beyond Arkham

Looks excellent. First one was interesting, covers mostly better stories, but this has most of his Dream Quest, and The Outsider.

Testing anything with cabling is impossible because no two devices have anything in common, except a few have full-size USB 2 ports. But not all.

Got all my cabling finally, raspi doesn't show any video. Still trying to troubleshoot this, might be a bad raspi, tho.

“Do you think Billie Eilish came up with this idea on her own?” he asked, rhetorically. “Do you think this imagery and these songs and these videos, do you think she just kinda did it on her own in her basement, like me? There are forces of dark beyond what we can even imagine that [are] full-bore after our children."

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