Gave up on Chez for now and tried Chicken Scheme, chicken-install -sudo sdl2, and bam, it just worked.

Down side, Chicken compiles slow and defaults to r5rs which is… 1990 called and wants me to watch MIT SICP lectures on VHS.

So SDL2, the library that doesn't exist and wouldn't work if it did, I wrote enough C to prove it's installed and works.

Guess I could just write a giant C front-end and talk to it over a socket (ugh), or write everything in C (double ugh), because no other language bothers to make their FFI work worth a fuck. If a teletype was good enough for 1970, it's good enough for 2018!

And either way, it's infinitely easier to make a goddamned standalone binary from C than anything else.

Hrm. Had a beverage, so I should be less frustrated. But there's nothing new in humor that isn't idiotic or political on Netflix or 'zon. Not really feeling a rewatch of Big Lebowski or some such. Pffft. May just crash early and give Saturday a run.

As always, Cosmos is a beautiful series which repeatedly hammers home my horror of nuclear war and how incredibly fucking stupid Humans are.

The Ship of the Imagination comes back to a dark, silent Earth. Probability of survival (per 100 yr): <1%

πŸŒπŸ„β˜ οΈ

This morning has been utterly useless. Apparently all the libraries I want to use don't work, aren't supported, never worked, or never existed except as a spec.

Guess I'll go pound sand into silicon and start making chips from scratch so I can implement basic fucking functionality myself.

@chr Also where's your server support patreon, I lost it and it's not linked anywhere, I bet nobody knows it exists. Maybe it doesn't exist, and I'm hallucinating.

@chr Would it be possible to make a compact theme, where the input half-column is just nuzzled above the first other column (usually home)? It'd be nicer on the laptop with narrow screen. Just thinkin'.

iOS update is ready to install:
1) Now
2) Now
3) Look at details and do it NOW.

Fuck off, Apple, you ain't Microsoft.

Weird name rotation in The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix, the ghost-hunter with a series of books is "Stephen Crain", his sister is Shirley. Of course the novel was written by Shirley Jackson, and the house's owners were the Crains.

Why not just leave the names be? It's super jarring to anyone who's read the book or seen the original movie.

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