In other news I was just trying to talk about WoW and my phone corrects Netherwing to netherwang

I deactivated twitter yesterday and keep auto-piloting to open it today because it's what I do in the mornings. Coffee, bran flakes and twitter. Feel a bit lost.

Oh no, they took Korrak's Revenge away, please give it back

I have a kind of resolution to try to read one book and see one movie that I haven't read or seen before, because for ~reasons~ I never watch anything new to me and I just completely slipped out of reading. However I'm starting a Dean Koontz book that I always said was one of my favourites, even though I haven't read it since 1992. Maybe I hate it now. Gonna find out.

Right, thought I had an SD card in my kindle but it turned out that I did not. Popped a 16gb card in there. Dunno what to put on it. Fill it with... stuff


I half-heartedly entertained the notion of "a drawing a day" for this year but there is no point starting such an endeavour on a date like "the 5th of January", too late, no good

Normally a cup of coffee lasts me a good half hour but I just knocked one back in 3 minutes. What's going on

I haven't played Eve Online for like 8 years and I've completely forgotten how to do anything. Just got my ship blown up by angry red dots. Having a wild time

Gotta be honest I am here because of the Masto95 theme which is incredible stuff, love it, very good job

I should do an intro before I get to the toots but I'm just going straight in with them, I'll do it when the brain allows it. Sorry

What I need in my life, is a ~crafting corner~ where I can go and paint or do macrame or set tiny fires or something. Not possible at the moment but something to maybe look forward to.


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