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Btw, I was serious about fundraising. I've never really done it successfully, so any pointers about how to do that for small-medium sized projects is appreciated.

I'm also considering paying for some coaching, so if you have professiinal (but affordable) contacts, please let me know. Thanks!

Is there someone here living in Malmö or Lund ? In Sweden ? I have some basic questions and I need someone who knows these places. Boost appreciated :)

Hey, mastopeeps! I could use some #drawingtablet advice. (Boosts appreciated!)

After 8 long years, I have to replace my Intuos 4. Should I shell out for a current Intuos? Look for another Intuos 4 on ebay? Or try a different brand?

I'm open to using a non-wacom tablet, but I don't know which ones are good for intensive use with digital painting.

Ideally, I'd like to find one that's tilt-capable. Has anyone caught up to wacom on that feature?

Another has come and gone, and we are once again able to slink back into the shadows.

But be on your guard! is in full swing until the 30th—outright visibility has been replaced with a vague awareness—so maybe postpone your until next Monday?

Oooooh @animorphs is a good bot.

(Sadly doesn't do image descriptions - what it does is fake Animorphs book covers, that is, some celebrity gradually turning into some animal, on Very Cybre to totally terrible color patterned backgrounds.)

This feature just got added, and it's been wanted for a long time!

Add preference for always expanding content warnings

If you'll be happy to see it in your next instance update, click through and add some 👍 or some 🎉.

#mastodon #meta #github

Was ich nicht mag: Hibiskustee

Was ich mag: Einzelne Malvenblüten im schwach gewordenen Licht eines kitschigen, rosa-orangen Sonnenuntergangs in einer fragwürdigen Reihenhausstraße

What are your favorite texts on the fundamentals of computing?

Like, introductions to terminology and basic functionality? Not even up to the OS level, Just the real basics.

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Sometimes I think "heck my English is clumsy, nobody can possibly understand that". Then I try to switch to German and,,, turns out I am simply bad at languaging in any language.

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In Tusky, where they appear under the opened image, I often read image descriptions just because. Partly because they make it easier to figure out what the picture supposed to show, which details I'm meant to look at? Partly because I like reading how someone else would describe what's on it? It's nice

lewd-ish underwear 

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Birbsite RT, österreichische Politik & Waffenindustrie 

Also! Why the pan marble is in there! There was a sentence in there but then I didn't like it but left the marble. It's basically because, some people are bi and some are pan, and a lot are both ✨ I don't really mind being called pan, it's also a good word, I just like calling myself bi better, and the bi colors are more my thing :heart_bi:

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What I've been thinking about recently: How neat it is that we all have different ways to be bi and that it means different things to us but we still kind of huddle together sometimes like smol kittens in a lorge box :marble_bisexual: :marble_pansexual: :marble_pride:

My personal definition of me being bi is:
– I'm into some people, sometimes
– whose genders seem to be a bit random
– I recently discovered that I have crushes on people!! whaaaaat
– pleas pet the cat :patcat:

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