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There are a lot of tech folks who would rather be solving pressing real world problems instead of helping techbros and VCs get richer. I'd love to be a part of facilitating that exodus. #thinkingoutloud #latestagecapitalism

@MikaMurstein Zur Suche hab ich leider keine Vorschläge, aber für Kontrast und Übersichtlichkeit könntest du die beiden Tools ausprobieren, wenn du magst: (in den Einstellungen kannst du auch andere Farbschemata einstellen) (Halcyon heißt das, und es soll machen, dass Mastodon mehr wie Twitter aussieht.)

Bei beiden gibt man der jeweiligen Seite die Erlaubnis, den eigenen Mastodon-Account zu bedienen, wie einer App oder so.

@MikaMurstein oah, so ein Mist :s ich wünsch dir so sehr ein paar Rezensionen von angesehenen™ Leuten, die das sehr wohl bemerken.

Hello cybrespace! In case you miss me: I am mostly over on right now, because that is my own instance and it is new and exciting. I don't think I'll have it forever, I will probably destroy it one way or another! But for now, that's the cat tree I'm sleeping on.

Fun fact: Comic Sans is the recommended font for English as a second language teachers in Japan because it's relatively unstylized

LB: Comic Sans, despite all the tired jokey pisstaking on That Internet, is actually a really bloody useful font in a learning environment

*especially* around dyslexic younger folks bc it's incredibly easy to read/distinguish between characters and is one of the recommended typefaces by the BDA as a result

there are others of course (I prefer Calibri) but it has it's uses!

slight subtoot, thoughts abt pronouns in bio, trans safety concerns 

✅ "please put pronouns in your bio if you can"
❎ "if you don't put pronouns in your bio you're [bad | transphobic | a cop]"

encourage pronouns in bios, but don't shame people for not having them, particularly for the safety of closeted trans folk

I love windows convertible tablets that have the default orientation as portrait because it means you don't just get blue screen of death, you get SIDEWAYS blue screen of death

Paid work offer: Looking for someone to (a) convert old Scrivener files for a novel to a modern version and (b) finish applying the line edits to the new source file. Hit me up with portfolio and rates. Boosts appreciated.

... the more I read about #ActivityPub the more I want to switch everything to it. xD Besides Plume, are there any other blog engines out there that support it?

*walks ever closer to the camera, then proceeds to headbuff it and purr into the mic*

Over on Dreamwidth, Siderea is hosting an amazing this-day-in-1918 recap of news coverage of the 1918 influenza epidemic.

CW for death, illness, and one photo of a modern-day needle. Scroll to the bottom to get to the start.

So today a lot of more sleeping has to be done. Tomorrow the cat will get itself emojos!!And import follows and stuff but like, important things first

urghl ~.~ got to the part of installing mastodon where i get WE! ARE THE CRYSTAL GEMS! earworms

47 minutes until food time, and Baby the Cat has been sitting in front of her plate expectantly for a while already.

Btw, I was serious about fundraising. I've never really done it successfully, so any pointers about how to do that for small-medium sized projects is appreciated.

I'm also considering paying for some coaching, so if you have professiinal (but affordable) contacts, please let me know. Thanks!

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