noob server security stuff question 

@g1comics thanks :) yeah I arrived at the conclusion that it was pretty unlikely that anything weird had happened.

@tom aah, thank you! i used that once, because the mastodon install guide recommended it, and then all the other times i felt like "uuuh i'd have to look that up again" so i didn't, but it'd make so much sense. *looks it up*

@tom yes, please! I'm basically just fumbling around cluelessly whenever I think of stuff.

@tom yeah, like, it's supposed to be the fast thing! and then sometimes it's not! and sometimes you don't know if it's just taking its time to show things or if actually the connection is gone,, like me earlier,, well.

I'll just go take a shower and see if anything happens by then

also, I have never not experienced very lorge ssh lag (with any server, on any internets) and I hate it so much. it is gnawing at my very existence.

oh ok now it works. or at least it is printing a lot of green dots which I guess are its way of showing that it is doing something. also apparently I didn't have a cronjob for that (and some other cron thing was giving errors? well,,,) so i guess maybe that mystery is explained

so I think what is actually going on is that is running out of space, but tootctl media remove doesn't work. Let's see if I'm motivated to find out why…

Re: noob server security stuff question 

@gRuFtY thank you <3

noob server security stuff question 

…ok I think I now know that I have very little reason to worry, sorry for asking silly questions.

noob server security stuff question 

I mean I am using a key so it shouldn't be that easy right? But still I only followed some very short "how to secure your server" guide and know nothing about any of that, so who knows.

noob server security stuff question 

Uh, okay, I guess something has been trying really hard for a few days to get into my server.

Sooo the internet said I use "last" to see last successful logins. That only shows one, which is me, yay. But also, it says "wtmp begins [time I logged in]". there is a wtmp.1, but it is empty. Is this normal "you didn't log in recently and nobody else did, either" looks, or is it what it looks like when someone removed something from there? (I feel silly asking, but I'm nervous)

Ah wait I think I know part of that answer, the answer is always "read some logs", right. Anyway I think "don't do computer things before breakfast" is a rule, sooooo.

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Uuuh, I know I said I'd take my instance down, but that wasn't me doing it on purpose. How do I even figure out what is wrong with it?

Hey #35c3, I've been thinking.

#Thread on why we need queer feminist hackerspaces. ⤵️

#feminism #hackerspaces #PTSD #RapeCulture

Apple blocks Linux on new Macs with T2 security chips

"Right now, there is no way to run Linux on the new Mac hardware. Even if you disable Secure Boot, you can still only install macOS and Windows 10 - not Linux."

Hello! In case any of my :janiawoo: friends want to follow me over on, is now on's allowlist, so that should be possible. :battery_full: :purple_sparkling_heart:

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