Aaah and Nancy, love her so much.

[Nancy: There are three things you can do to get me to hate you, Doreen: make fun of my last name, criticize how I decorate, or talk smack about Mew.]
[3 knitting-themed posters: "PURL JAM" in black and red, "Back straight, yarn forward" with knitting hands, and "Stitches get Riches".]
(description continues in next toot)

[Doreen, flicking an acorn at a Bad Guy: Tips, higher education is about bettering yourself, and I already know literally everything about squirrels. I'm Squirrel Girl. I'm not Achieving Consistency Across Distributed Database Systems Girl. Well. Not Yet.]

Yes, Squirrel Girl re-read is a good choice.

[Tippy-Toe, a squirrel: What do you even study to become a super hero, anyway? Human kinesiology? Human detection? Of… of crimes?
Doreen. Nah, better. Computer science.
Tippy: WHAT?! You got accepted into college and you're not even gonna major in SQUIRRELS?]

Spontan alle der Mini-Zines von bluespunk ausgedruckt, weil sie einfach so cute sind 😻

Okay, ready to post more. Cactus comparison. 4-or-more years ago and errr 1 or 2 years ago.

We continue with: Clouds. They are pretty. And from at least four years ago. Time travel clouds. Cloud travel.

So!! The pics from the fake-bw film I finished! The oldest ones are from uuuh at least 4 years ago I think, some are 1 or 2 years ago, and then some last month.

Disclaimer: I can not photography and am not trying to good.

We start with the obvious choice, cat pics from last month.

It is a cold 25°C in our flat, so Salem the Cat is interested in cuddles again.

Kitty medical, asking for money 

But hey look my new backpack is very nice in a dystopian way :breadpeek:

I am so glad that I found one. Basically what I wanted was a classic school backpack (with a place for a laptop and stuff) but looking like an overly gloomy-adventurous thing. This one is even well padded and the zippers feel durable and it seems reasonably rain-resistant.

@Tusky hey, I think the version info in the about of the nightly doesn't update? According to google play I'm on the current version.

I forgot everything that I ever knew about photography, but look how much of a cutie it is.

Hello. Serious but ridiculous question.

I can't draw at all, I never drew as a teen unless someone forced me to. I can not make lines look like things unless it's this cat (attached).

And now I want to draw anthropomorphic animals because I get envious when I see other people do that.

How… how do I even start?

Ich lese "I'm a queer feminist Cyborg, that's okay. Gedankensammlung zu Anti/Ableismus" von Mika Murstein, und finde es so enorm gut.

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