Aaah and Nancy, love her so much.

[Nancy: There are three things you can do to get me to hate you, Doreen: make fun of my last name, criticize how I decorate, or talk smack about Mew.]
[3 knitting-themed posters: "PURL JAM" in black and red, "Back straight, yarn forward" with knitting hands, and "Stitches get Riches".]
(description continues in next toot)

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[Doreen, flicking an acorn at a Bad Guy: Tips, higher education is about bettering yourself, and I already know literally everything about squirrels. I'm Squirrel Girl. I'm not Achieving Consistency Across Distributed Database Systems Girl. Well. Not Yet.]

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Yes, Squirrel Girl re-read is a good choice.

[Tippy-Toe, a squirrel: What do you even study to become a super hero, anyway? Human kinesiology? Human detection? Of… of crimes?
Doreen. Nah, better. Computer science.
Tippy: WHAT?! You got accepted into college and you're not even gonna major in SQUIRRELS?]

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Spontan alle der Mini-Zines von bluespunk ausgedruckt, weil sie einfach so cute sind 😻

Okay, ready to post more. Cactus comparison. 4-or-more years ago and errr 1 or 2 years ago.

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We continue with: Clouds. They are pretty. And from at least four years ago. Time travel clouds. Cloud travel.

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So!! The pics from the fake-bw film I finished! The oldest ones are from uuuh at least 4 years ago I think, some are 1 or 2 years ago, and then some last month.

Disclaimer: I can not photography and am not trying to good.

We start with the obvious choice, cat pics from last month.

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It is a cold 25°C in our flat, so Salem the Cat is interested in cuddles again.

Kitty medical, asking for money 

Our lovely smol perpetually grumpy looking cat Baby has to get two teeth removed. This will be expensive.

We will be able to afford it somehow, so don't give us any money that you need for yourself. But it will be a bit of a stretch, and both our cats are old, and a lot of our budget goes towards Salem (16) already. So.. if you do have some money to throw around, we'd be happy to take it ❤️

Or ask for our IBAN.

But hey look my new backpack is very nice in a dystopian way :breadpeek:

I am so glad that I found one. Basically what I wanted was a classic school backpack (with a place for a laptop and stuff) but looking like an overly gloomy-adventurous thing. This one is even well padded and the zippers feel durable and it seems reasonably rain-resistant.

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@Tusky hey, I think the version info in the about of the nightly doesn't update? According to google play I'm on the current version.

I forgot everything that I ever knew about photography, but look how much of a cutie it is.

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Hello. Serious but ridiculous question.

I can't draw at all, I never drew as a teen unless someone forced me to. I can not make lines look like things unless it's this cat (attached).

And now I want to draw anthropomorphic animals because I get envious when I see other people do that.

How… how do I even start?

Ich lese "I'm a queer feminist Cyborg, that's okay. Gedankensammlung zu Anti/Ableismus" von Mika Murstein, und finde es so enorm gut.

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