I always think thingies where you scan your library card and then put the books on the thing and then they're yours are really pretty and magical, until I realise that they're ACTUALLY AND SECRETLY just windows xp like apparently everything in this treacherous world

@maunzikation 😅😅😅yeah they run on old OSes and their security is kinnnnnnnnnd of an issue. I don’t know if Adromeda has put this up but her libtechconf keynote is an indictment.

@ruth ooooh TIL that Library Technology Conferences exist! That sounds rly rly interesting, thank you for that link 😻

@maunzikation there are quite a number! If you’d ever like to attend one, I can tell you which focus on which things. Now I’m trying to think how many there are… If were being expansive, I can name at least six. And that’s not counting all the little local tech meetings on either specialized software or general! It’s a whole little world, and has all its own frustrations, but I do prefer it to considering more formal tech industry stuff.

@ruth oh wow. i mean i'm neither very techy nor very library-y so far, but i do like both and this sounds like a very very good niche.

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