Ooooh what a nice thing, to wake up and realise it's !

…uuuuuh, actually I was planning to hide under my blanket and not be seen by anyone today. But still!!

What I've been thinking about recently: How neat it is that we all have different ways to be bi and that it means different things to us but we still kind of huddle together sometimes like smol kittens in a lorge box :marble_bisexual: :marble_pansexual: :marble_pride:

My personal definition of me being bi is:
– I'm into some people, sometimes
– whose genders seem to be a bit random
– I recently discovered that I have crushes on people!! whaaaaat
– pleas pet the cat :patcat:

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Also! Why the pan marble is in there! There was a sentence in there but then I didn't like it but left the marble. It's basically because, some people are bi and some are pan, and a lot are both ✨ I don't really mind being called pan, it's also a good word, I just like calling myself bi better, and the bi colors are more my thing :heart_bi:

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