Yes, Squirrel Girl re-read is a good choice.

[Tippy-Toe, a squirrel: What do you even study to become a super hero, anyway? Human kinesiology? Human detection? Of… of crimes?
Doreen. Nah, better. Computer science.
Tippy: WHAT?! You got accepted into college and you're not even gonna major in SQUIRRELS?]

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[Doreen, flicking an acorn at a Bad Guy: Tips, higher education is about bettering yourself, and I already know literally everything about squirrels. I'm Squirrel Girl. I'm not Achieving Consistency Across Distributed Database Systems Girl. Well. Not Yet.]

Aaah and Nancy, love her so much.

[Nancy: There are three things you can do to get me to hate you, Doreen: make fun of my last name, criticize how I decorate, or talk smack about Mew.]
[3 knitting-themed posters: "PURL JAM" in black and red, "Back straight, yarn forward" with knitting hands, and "Stitches get Riches".]
(description continues in next toot)

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[A white cat on a bed, one blue eye open.
Doreen: Mew is… the kitten?
Nancy: Mew is the kitten.
Doreen: I thought pets weren't allowed in the dorm.
Nancy: Obeying an unjust law is itself unjust.
Doreen: She's cute.
Nancy: She's the most important thing in my life.]

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