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So, jetzt aber, endlich endlich:

Das Nichtbinär-Wiki ist Wikia entkommen und existiert nun so ganz für sich selbst auf

Streut den Link doch bitte in alle Richtungen, ja?

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Hi everyone, since the same issues come up again and again and are keeping people from using this site, I started a wiki page on Mastodon stuff!

Please go and improve it, and share it with anyone who might need it!

It is supposed to help use Mastodon right now, by explaining useful features that Mastodon already has and showing workarounds for features it lacks. It's not meant to imply that improvements to Mastodon itself can't or shouldn't be made :thumbsup_paw:

Also my brain is playing "mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumb IT'S SO WHITE THE SNOOW"

Thank you brain

I woke up at 7 because I had to pee and I can't fall asleep anymore 🙀

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Does someone know where I can find a detailed list of all the things that may be stored in a Firefox profile?


Those are the moments when I don't love the automatically language switching keyboard.

When it makes me sound like The (accurately Fashist) German in any movie ever.

Black Panther ist just really fucking good.

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Good morning! I used to draw horses a lot when I was a pre-teen, then kinda stopped? So here's a unicorn sketch. Went a little overboard with blur because I was having too much fun discovering Photoshop's new "Blur Gallery". :D

(You may support my art if you wish:

#mastoart #creativetoots

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(Big thank you to my flatmates' taste in breakfast music for that earworm ✨)

Also, we only have like 4cm of snow on our terraces, but the cats act like the world is ending 😻 Sitting next to each other in silence, giving me grave looks, running around ameow, jumping up on the fucking counter which squirrelcat usually only does when no human can see em, but, apocalyptic rules are different, I guess

(There are also clear pawprints in the snow, so one of them was brave enough to go outside! But now squirrelcat seems to be scared of the snow deciding to follow her or idk)

Hah, I got a call from my mom that my plan to come visit them tomorrow might not work if it continues snowing, because the streets might be unusable.

Oh ich hab vorgestern mit meinen Großeltern telefoniert und die haben meine WG als "gemischtes Rudel" (weil Menschen und Katzen) bezeichnet und das war so cute 😻

Also there is a lot of snow, which is nice! But I do not want to get up

Oh… I just remembered that I forgot to take my laundry out of the washing machine yesterday evening. Good morning!

hah, NOW is a good moment to go to sleep

also let's think about kitties for a moment

am maybe smolsoft product

smol & soft & not always as useful as you'd like it to be

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ok so website preview is online -> #tuskydev
I am no webdev and no designer so I am quite pleased with the result. It is by no means finished (Text is quite uncreative and site does not work in Internet Exploder). All help and pull requests very welcome ->

Awww, I rly like GENDERWRECKED. *talked to many cute monsters*

Yesterday I stood on the flat roof in front of my window for a bit to feel the cold air

Today I did the same thing PLUS I looked at the pastel sky with the Soft Clouds and the smolstars, stretched my paws towards it.

My paws are tingling from the cold and I am feeling like a decadent little cat :3

Ah, spelling glitches, how fitting.