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Ohai Trötlons :sparkles_blue:

Ich wollte mich kurz halten, aber dann ist es lang geworden.

Eine mittelmäßige und halbherzige Fast-Anleitung zur Verwendung von CWs, auf Deutsch, hier, zum damit tun was ihr wollt:

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So, jetzt aber, endlich endlich:

Das Nichtbinär-Wiki ist Wikia entkommen und existiert nun so ganz für sich selbst auf

Streut den Link doch bitte in alle Richtungen, ja?

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Hi everyone, since the same issues come up again and again and are keeping people from using this site, I started a wiki page on Mastodon stuff!

Please go and improve it, and share it with anyone who might need it!

It is supposed to help use Mastodon right now, by explaining useful features that Mastodon already has and showing workarounds for features it lacks. It's not meant to imply that improvements to Mastodon itself can't or shouldn't be made :thumbsup_paw:

Hey #35c3, I've been thinking.

#Thread on why we need queer feminist hackerspaces. ⤵️

#feminism #hackerspaces #PTSD #RapeCulture

Apple blocks Linux on new Macs with T2 security chips

"Right now, there is no way to run Linux on the new Mac hardware. Even if you disable Secure Boot, you can still only install macOS and Windows 10 - not Linux."

Hello! In case any of my :janiawoo: friends want to follow me over on @catte, is now on's allowlist, so that should be possible. :battery_full: :purple_sparkling_heart:

So here's a reminder, since apparently we still need it:

"Cripping up" isn't a Halloween costume by itself, and

Any job that you think can't possibly be done by a person with the disability you're "hilariously" pretending to have is almost certainly actually being done by them. There are visually impaired pilots.

There are a lot of tech folks who would rather be solving pressing real world problems instead of helping techbros and VCs get richer. I'd love to be a part of facilitating that exodus. #thinkingoutloud #latestagecapitalism

The way I currently use mastodon:

– this account here for tooting cautiously to whoever wants to read it (beware, it is on my own instance which I will probably destroy one day)
@maunzikation as where I'll probably toot cautiously to whoever wants to read it once I have destroyed my own instance
@cybrecatte for when "whoever wants to read it" is not the audience I want or need, where I cautiously toot less cautiously
– and that one whump account, I'll point you to it if you like whump

Hello cybrespace! In case you miss me: I am mostly over on @catte right now, because that is my own instance and it is new and exciting. I don't think I'll have it forever, I will probably destroy it one way or another! But for now, that's the cat tree I'm sleeping on.

Fun fact: Comic Sans is the recommended font for English as a second language teachers in Japan because it's relatively unstylized

LB: Comic Sans, despite all the tired jokey pisstaking on That Internet, is actually a really bloody useful font in a learning environment

*especially* around dyslexic younger folks bc it's incredibly easy to read/distinguish between characters and is one of the recommended typefaces by the BDA as a result

there are others of course (I prefer Calibri) but it has it's uses!

slight subtoot, thoughts abt pronouns in bio, trans safety concerns Show more

I love windows convertible tablets that have the default orientation as portrait because it means you don't just get blue screen of death, you get SIDEWAYS blue screen of death

Paid work offer: Looking for someone to (a) convert old Scrivener files for a novel to a modern version and (b) finish applying the line edits to the new source file. Hit me up with portfolio and rates. Boosts appreciated.

... the more I read about #ActivityPub the more I want to switch everything to it. xD Besides Plume, are there any other blog engines out there that support it?

*walks ever closer to the camera, then proceeds to headbuff it and purr into the mic*

Over on Dreamwidth, Siderea is hosting an amazing this-day-in-1918 recap of news coverage of the 1918 influenza epidemic.

CW for death, illness, and one photo of a modern-day needle. Scroll to the bottom to get to the start.

Ugh who let the catte sleep on the keyboard again, now it made a mastodon instance!! 🐱

urghl ~.~ got to the part of installing mastodon where i get WE! ARE THE CRYSTAL GEMS! earworms

47 minutes until food time, and Baby the Cat has been sitting in front of her plate expectantly for a while already.

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