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So, jetzt aber, endlich endlich:

Das Nichtbinär-Wiki ist Wikia entkommen und existiert nun so ganz für sich selbst auf

Streut den Link doch bitte in alle Richtungen, ja?

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Hi everyone, since the same issues come up again and again and are keeping people from using this site, I started a wiki page on Mastodon stuff!

Please go and improve it, and share it with anyone who might need it!

It is supposed to help use Mastodon right now, by explaining useful features that Mastodon already has and showing workarounds for features it lacks. It's not meant to imply that improvements to Mastodon itself can't or shouldn't be made :thumbsup_paw:

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Any internet friends have recommendations on how to deal with the aftermath of a burglary?

My brain is still quite mush so external input would be helpful.

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Hey everyone! Reminder that the Wandering Shop has a CoC ( and we will enforce it.

As the fediverse grows, we're going to see more reports; Annalee and I will respond to them as we are able. (We've responded to about 5 this week already).

Second reminder that you can support our work at (which also has some cool new benefits for Patreon Patrons).


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The cats are dealing with the warmth by


(Pics of two sleeping cats, Baby stretched out elegantly next to a rainbow bag, Salem curled up half on a backpack and burying her nose under one of its strips)

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Does anyone got recommendations for Anime that feature queer, disabled, chubby folks as full humans (and not as a sidejoke or mainly tragic-adding-element )?

I'm currently in a "aah, Zombies, the world goes under" mood, but generally it shouldn't be too sad and melancholic. Something plain-happy is also fine :3

#anime #recommendations #queer #disabled (I'm trying to tag stuff!)

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So: The school might need someone to help my kid as a home teacher 5*2 hours/week in Berlin.

If this might be something for you[1], please get in contact with us!

[1] I think you mainly need to be able to communicate with kid (very good verbal German), have fun with them and be flexible to adapt teaching goals to kid’s needs.

I can give you lots of literature and material on this. And while I know I can accept a lot of different teaching paths, I will interfere if I see my kid suffering.

Okay so what I like about so far is stuff like the human sized hamster balls and the beaver with the chainsaw

What I dislike, sadly, is the character style and the voices. I'm just not made for typical cartoon stuff, it makes me uneasy

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Oooh is on Netflix so I am finally watching it and I will have a… GRAPPLING HOOK

[Gif of a person who is supposed to be read as a girl grappling hooking up to the ceiling]

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New discussion in the #OpenStreetMap mailing lists: How do you mapping #GenderNeutral toilets in #OSM? The existing unisex tag is a little weird. Let's try to clear this up!

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Hey everyone! A very close friend’s cat needs EMERGENCY surgery and we’re trying to crowdfund because her vet bills are skyrocketing and the surgery she needs is $6000. Unfortunately it’s either have this surgery or she’s going to have to be put down. Please reboost and any donations will be extremely appreciated!

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Apparently Instagram is adding a data export feature for GDPR-compliance... So if you're building an Instagram-esque ActivityPub platform, there might be some value in adding an import function :thounking:

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Hello Mastodon! I'm a techy programmer-type person hoping to help build a better world (direct democracy, solidarity economy, etc.). I also happen to live in a vehicle on wild, public lands, moving every couple weeks, foraging, practicing survival skills and helping people where we can. I know a lot about radio, solar, 12v DC power and nature/wildlife as a result. Nice to meet you all! Hope to see familiar and new faces. #introduction

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So I just met one of the 3 (!) maintainers of F-Droid. They are desperately looking for more volunteers as they are responsible for 1500 repositories between them.
#fdroid #foss

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There is currently an issue where #Tusky repeatedly crashes on startup that affects a few users. It can be resolved by clearing Tuskys data. Sorry for the inconvenience 😕

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and with the Industrial Workers of the World!.

🍔 ✊ 🏴 🌹 🍔 ✊ 🏴 🌹 🍔 ✊ 🏴 🌹

#fastfood #union #obu #iww #foodjustice #burgerville

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Une très belle journée à tous les mastonautes.

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[CW scars+nudity (it's just a torso)]
Here's the design I'll make as a sticker for school!
#mastoart #creativetoots #stickers #schoolwork

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Please put descriptions on your images/videos!

Working on #brutaldon and rendering images for text browsers has reminded me that very, very few images here have descriptions.

Please use the input box on the image preview to add a description (or the corresponding feature in a mobile client - probably tap the image). It helps readers with visual impairments, and also provides extra context for everyone.