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Egg balancing is possible on every day I go to elementary school? :(

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How about letting me write about the hacker in the number one avocado producing country 💅

@jordyd remember die zeit you thought I wasn't Mexican?

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reminder that mario was a "flying exercise"

Complete Goat Simulator lore explained under 60 minutes.

I was trying to find out why all kinds of animals like to be pet and ended up watching stupid videos for normies. pretty good search foo amirite?

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imagining being taken to court over an emoji. nothing Show more

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@​bxtn@​ I'm trying gnome on my way to work on my systemd car.

Remember that time you got attacked by a baguette? @sireebob
also what is contrast? never heard of it

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TNG had the mean horniest crew but Voyager had the median horniest imo

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y'all act like swamp ass is just a funny combination of words and not a condition that some of us have to deal with on the regular. if you had to work in a warehouse in new orleans with no air conditioning in august, you'd know that boggy bottom is no joke. for some of us, slough taint is just a way of life, and don't take kindly to people mocking our brackish butts. i say, all of us with estuary derriere, stand up and be proud!

Do you even eat potato chips?
Do you like chiptunes?
Ever downloaded an AIFF file of the Night Rider theme off an IRC and played that shit for like 30 minutes?
I didn't think so.

You ever taken over the counter seasonal allergy medicine?
You have seasonal effective disorder?
You feel better i the spring?
Do you imagine a world without springs?
Got a case of spring fever?

Do you support public transit?
You ever hacked the subway from a payphone?
You ever seen a payphone?
Are you a phone phreaker?
You ever called Freddy Freaker?
You ever played Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist?

Is this chill wave?
Is this low-fi hip hop beats 24/7 to study and relax to?
Is this a real slow version of an old electro song?
Is this shit like a Wonderswan title song played backwards?
You into them chiptunes?
Them showtunes?
You seen Hamilton?
Have you seen Hamilton!?
Have you ever seen that episode of How I met you mother where Lin-Manuel Miranda is rapping on the bus?
Have you ever been on a bus?

Do you wanna carpool?
What kind of tunes do you listen to?
New wave?
Next wave?
Dream wave?
Vapor wave?
Is that dream op?
That shoe gaze?
That new gaze?

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