Caterpillar on the trail. Niagara river gorge, art park, Lewiston NY

Nice little waterfall. Niagara gorge, art park, Lewiston NY

Ontario power generating plant. The reason Ontario calls their electricity Hydro.

Pollinator pollinating, Niagara river gorge, art park, Lewiston NY

I'm the glue that holds everything together. My name is "just a few if statements" or "copy paste some code"

Mental health 

Disgusting body things 

This month is an exercise in what it means to pivot ...

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I remember how, fifteen years ago, I would sit at a computer with an IM client open talking to 10 or 12 different people. Sometimes having the same conversation with each of them. Sometimes in chat rooms.

Mostly, though, I was always talking to *someone*, not to the void.

It was less lonely than the internet today, where all my direct messages and group chats live in my phone.

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13 issues closed, tagged v0.2.0 for the hackathon project from @mattgen88 and I! (And a third party, not on masto, though they’ve been busy since the hackathon proper).

The project — federated book reading/tracking/discussion, named exlibris — won’t be ready for even alpha testers til 0.4.0 in my opinion, but I’m excited at the progress we’re making!

Tempted to make a gopher site in go about gophers... I may need a vacation

I'm very surprised by google's terrible docs on how to use a service account with the gmail client. Ugh.

I just keep getting 400 precondition fail with no way to figure out why

Great results from automation process, apparently exceeded our year goal of 10% increase in operational efficiency. Hit approximately 30% efficiency. More coming down the pipeline, too.

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Learned the hard way that await in the main method of a console app is a bad idea. I *thought* it would, you know, wait for the response and continue. Nope, causes it to exit unexpected. Thanks C#.

The correct thing to do is call .Wait() on the asynchronous task.

I definitely prefer Golang over C#.

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