covid 19 

scary as hell to see hockey stick graphs. Especially when you see hockey stick graphs of infections.

Prod tomorrow. Limited user testing Monday.

So, apparently the jeep has a coolant leak at the lower intake manifold gasket.

Unrelatedly, what's a lower intake manifold gasket? Asking for a friend.

o11n for k8s to deliver i18n and l10n for a11y

"Enterprise software" apparently has nothing to do with building systems on a space ship

Suddenly I'm a distributed systems engineer. Which just means my software solves things slower, but is more fault tolerant.

Caterpillar on the trail. Niagara river gorge, art park, Lewiston NY

Nice little waterfall. Niagara gorge, art park, Lewiston NY

Ontario power generating plant. The reason Ontario calls their electricity Hydro.

Pollinator pollinating, Niagara river gorge, art park, Lewiston NY

I'm the glue that holds everything together. My name is "just a few if statements" or "copy paste some code"

Mental health 

My anxiety around going out in public has become worse, not because of a virus, but because I haven't had to interact with people. Weird.

Disgusting body things 

I've been sick over a week, started with a runny nose, sore throat, became congestion, etc. No fever. Been feeling better the past day or so. The amount of snot that just came out of my sinuses a minute ago when I blew my nose was fucking crazy. Holy fuck. Disgusting

This month is an exercise in what it means to pivot ...

mattgen88 relayed

I remember how, fifteen years ago, I would sit at a computer with an IM client open talking to 10 or 12 different people. Sometimes having the same conversation with each of them. Sometimes in chat rooms.

Mostly, though, I was always talking to *someone*, not to the void.

It was less lonely than the internet today, where all my direct messages and group chats live in my phone.

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