Greg, however, is doing an otherwise fantastic job of cleaning cat hair up.

Bought a roomba, it's name is Greg. Greg has already disobeyed and went into an area it shouldn't. Greg ignored the IR gate. I'm disappointed in Greg.

Oh fun. Accidentally clicked an ad and found that the ad was abusing fulscreen to hide the Android software buttons, overlaying their own to force you to click on more of their ad.

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Javascript is the English of programming languages

- kludged-together clusterfuck
- many decisions were made to keep compatibility with old versions despite that not really making sense
- a whole lot of arcane logic that only makes sense if you really drive into the history of it
- bad to do math in
- basically everyone needs to know it at least a little
- lingua franca because the predominant powers on Earth just so happen to use them

It's weird that I'm working in dotnet core.
It's weird that dotnet core is cross platform.
It's weird starting a new job where I know nothing.
It's weird starting a new job after 7+ years in my last job.
It's weird working at a startup.
It's weird to be so excited all at the same time.

My netbook can barely run the simplest of websites, these days. I am running crunchbang plus plus on it (debian), using epiphany browser. You can barely find a browser that's 32bit any more.

Did the internet break browsers? Or did browsers break the internet?

"You want champagne and caviar on a malt-liquor budget"

I love it

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Backdoor code found in 11 Ruby libraries:

- collects host URL and env vars and sends them to a C2 in Ukraine

- a backdoor accept a signed cookie file from the attacker and runs the code from the cookie

On the plus side, I'll no longer have anything to do with AT&T!

Welp, tomorrow starts my last 2 weeks at my job. First real career job. It's a weird feeling.

I wish browsers supported lazy loading attribute! That would help, but doesn't seem to work.

Anyone know polymer/lit-element?

If I have children that I don't want to render (images) that need to be rendered into a paper-modal, how can achieve that? The images are being fetched before the modal is opened. I don't want full size images being downloaded until the user interacts.

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LB: To my fellow late-20s/early-30s (well, mid-30s) white men who have been working in tech for about a decade: Please read this. Please consider listening and not dismissing the criticism you receive when you exit corporate social media. I know getting called out hurts. I know hurt of this kind is a foreign and scary feeling. Please sit with that feeling and realize it is more about you than the people giving you feedback. Even if it's not easy to hear, feedback is still a gift. This is step 0.

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I wrote last week, There and Back Again, a Fediverse Journey.

It's about Gamma the techbro. Gamma thinks that technology is can solve all social problems, so came to the Fediverse. But without systemic bias, he finds his opinions harshly criticized.This makes him uncomfortable. This new technology trying to solve social problems says he's the problem.

Why, and what happens next?

ughhhh stupid spine, why you gotta go and cause me pain

apparently I lost my keybase info (shrug) can't figure out how I managed that.

What do you expect of a full stack developer's website? Looking for ideas on what to do with mine.

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