So sad that ubuntu 19.04 won't boot. I really really really wanted gnome 3.32. Filed a bug report, but I suspect it'll get booted for not enough information, but I literally can't get anything because it won't boot past grub.

Scratch that, just saw that 3.32 is on 19.04, I can just upgrade, that seems like less hassle

Anyone have any experience building and installing gnome on ubuntu? I'd like to build and try 3.32 because of the scaling fix they implemented for 4k monitors.

Concerned doggo. This is what she does when the cat enters the room.

Despite releasing a working product to production and opensourcing the code base, we didn't even place. As disappointing as that is we still did a cool thing people seem to want to use.

Coworkers and I made a thing that we opensourced. I think it would be a neat product but cannot productize it due to contracts. Then again, it'd be a product based on someone else's API, which is a disaster business model sure to fail.

I want to polish it up before announcing it though you could go find it yourself.

How does one be an employee, husband, father, and hobbyist. I'm pretty sure I need cloning technology.

Also, my wife is amazing and kills it as a mother, wife, employee and hobbyist. I don't know how she juggles it all.

Hackathon project was a lot of fun. Hoping to make it a real thing soon

That said, ughhhh hackathons are intense

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The Girl Scouts of Western Washington were offered $100,000 on the condition that the donation "will not be used to support transgender girls".

They sent the money back, held a fundraising campaign, and raised $300,000. #ForEVERYGirl

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I may not be able to go into work due to this storm, Buffalo Police have closed off the Erie Basin Marina. Depending on where they closed it of, I may be turned away. Normally I'd work from home, but I'm supposed to pick up new hardware which is already a month late.

The weather is just insane this winter. Low temps, crazy wins, abnormally warm days, freezing rain...

What are Linux options for asset tracking and audit support for IT?

That creepy moment when windows updates now refer to windows as a service.

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