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Hi. I've had enough generational trauma now, thank you.

Anyone with experience with multi-project solutions and builds? Building docker containers. I'd like to speed this up. Seems to spend a lot of time pulling layers, but I've had no success in building an image base first.

I have a large release of my application going out, major milestone. Targeting end of this month. At the same time, I finally have a team mate hired. Naturally, I'm now worried that the release will slip due to this. Even better? week of thanksgiving we're doing a CRMS refresh, which typically breaks things, this week. :blobfacepalm:

Eating popcorn with chopsticks so as to not get butter on my keyboard. Thank you internet, for teaching me such things

There's so much snow a few miles south that my parents can't leave their house, but up here the streets are clear and everything but school is open. Lake effect weather is wild.

So much snow... The worst part is my delivery of my game I ordered was delayed until Sunday because of the snow

Sometimes, I miss building software for funsies. It's much harder these days to get over the inertia and pick up a computer to code outside of work

All these peeps and I'm still having trouble finding devs to follow.

covid 19 

scary as hell to see hockey stick graphs. Especially when you see hockey stick graphs of infections.

Prod tomorrow. Limited user testing Monday.

So, apparently the jeep has a coolant leak at the lower intake manifold gasket.

Unrelatedly, what's a lower intake manifold gasket? Asking for a friend.

o11n for k8s to deliver i18n and l10n for a11y

"Enterprise software" apparently has nothing to do with building systems on a space ship

Suddenly I'm a distributed systems engineer. Which just means my software solves things slower, but is more fault tolerant.

Caterpillar on the trail. Niagara river gorge, art park, Lewiston NY

Nice little waterfall. Niagara gorge, art park, Lewiston NY

Ontario power generating plant. The reason Ontario calls their electricity Hydro.

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