This all just feels fundamentally broken. Even polymer, which is supposed to be based on web components--a return to native apis--does this shit. I had such high hopes for it, but it looks like the problems are still all there.

How far we've strayed from MVC, which was literally perfectly applicable to the web.

I'm looking at redux and wondering where the hell we went wrong.

This is an optimization problem. There's a point on the curve where revenue is maximized and bounce is minimized.

Consequently, if you're not factoring in the cost of ads in terms of performance, you may be throwing money out the window. There's a price paid via user attrition correlated to load time. People will close your site if it's slow and often what makes it slow is advertisements.

Some numbers: Eliminating ads shaved off 7 seconds off the page load time for a cold cache hit. 11 seconds to 4. The estimated revenue lost there is massive from bounce rate/attrition when you talk about our user numbers.

2 years later, people are actually interested in the revenue lost by poor site performance and are arriving at the numbers I arrived at in terms of potential revenue gains per second shaved off load time.

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tfw it's now instinct to "<esc>:wq" in any editor:wq

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"Give a man a program, frustrate him for a day.

Teach a man to program, frustrate him for a lifetime.”

-- Muhammad Waseem

Nothing like having all your hard work blown away by a bad merge conflict resolution.

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If you're a #golang developer & regularly release your stuff, I highly recommend checking out goreleaser:

- it tags your releases
- generates a changelog
- cross-compiles release builds for various platforms and architectures
- pushes everything to GitHub

It's thoroughly good!

Why did someone think this was a good idea?

You can also tell when I'm home based on fridge door open events

Looking at the APIs it supports you can definitely DOS this and harm my power bill by continually setting it to defrost

My fridge also has open APIs... I'm going to nmap this thing and see what it has open. I'm also going to fire wall the damn thing off from everything else when I'm done.

My fridge has WiFi ... Anyone port Linux to LG yet?

I should really see my family more often than just funerals. If only it wasn't a pain in the ass to cross the border into Canada and back.

Oh good, Ubuntu Disco (19.04) fixed the graphics card bugs and is usable now, good thing because it launches tomorrow! Talk about down to the wire.

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That awkward moment when daily builds aren't daily and it's been 2 days since a new build was made.

Desperately trying to get people to stop the status quo and instead come up with radical ideas for products. Bleh

PSA: Lock your dependencies and manage upgrades manually.

Either that, or expect that at some point your application will break despite only patch and minor updates to your dependencies happening.

Another PSA: use artifact deployment. If you have a nice little artifact and keep them stored, you can always roll back to a previously known good-state while you sort out issues.

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