Learned the hard way that await in the main method of a console app is a bad idea. I *thought* it would, you know, wait for the response and continue. Nope, causes it to exit unexpected. Thanks C#.

The correct thing to do is call .Wait() on the asynchronous task.

I definitely prefer Golang over C#.

Glad the sickness is over, I was not down with it.

Just.... wtf 

More fragile than the tail of a prince rupert drop's tail... This code ugh

When you have little choice but to do a massive refactoring in order to move forward, and yet... it's still not the most stable foundation.

At least I paid *some* tech debt down.

Been reading Anathem... as I told my wife, I'm on a roller coaster, I don't know where it is going, but I'm having fun and going along with the ride.



Never expected myself to be writing C#, yet here I am doing .NET Core. Still weirds me out.

Day 1 github.com/mattgen88/adventofc

Practicing the cyber this cyber Monday... like all mondays... and the rest of the week.


Sorry for FB link, I don't have her website updated with her logo, location, nor latest images.

Yay, my wife's bakery is finally open for business!

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I know it's a long shot, but anyone know of good places to search for work from home/remote jobs that aren't IT-related?


Swsh swsh bish, another one in the Pokedex

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Yay, google calendar plugin is working again for thunderbird

Oh man, my kid managed to take a step or two today. He's going to be running around in no time

Wife and I started a new routine for the babe. It seems to be working and he's sleeping through the night. We don't know what to do with our spare energy now

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