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Saw a felled pencil tree. Pretty rare to see one that hasn't been processed yet. Maybe it's supposed to be an orange pencil and they're waiting for the lead to ripen

Dreamt that it became a meme to reply to someone's idea with "this idea's got legs" and a picture of a stock image person or celebrity cropped from the legs down

Fuck periodicals. I'm done

Wait, I can read them on microfiche? Ok, I'm back on board

Now that's what I call music for airports

If you use a nokia phone while driving a kia they cancel each other out

What if I take a tumble and do myself a mischief?

Fear is just horror exiting the terrified body

"Gunfire Reborn" is the funniest name for a video game I've heard in awhile

How did gunfire die. I don't remember gunfire being gone. Did gunfire come back to save us

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Listened to Alice's Restaurant. It's got problems but I still like it

toki pona, languages 

It's so weird and cool how using the glyphs actually improves my reading comprehension

As an English speaker, noun-adjective feels super unintuitive to me, and when I first started writing I was constantly putting the adjective before the noun without realizing it. But when I look at the glyphs I immediately recognize when I make the mistake. I'm like "oh, nimi is the subject, it's the most important thing, of course it comes before luka luka"

I think it's not unreasonable to suggest that learning toki pona might stretch out my brain-putty and give my language acquisition centers enough of a workout to make it easier to learn a natural language later. I'm excited

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My original idea for the name of the game was to use the same format as "pico, fermi, zilch", but I decided it's unnecessarily complex. I didn't like the word "o" appearing in the title with another character that looks like the letter O. There's not a huge corpus of works written in toki pona, so I can use a very simple title without conflicting with anything, and simple is good

toki pona 

I can't figure out a way to clarify in the rules that the knower shouldn't let the guesser know *which* words are ijo, ala, and o, because the guesser having that information makes the process of elimination too easy, but that's not the easiest concept to communicate in English either

The finished zine is going to have a page showing an example game, hopefully that'll be enough

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Glyphs, pronunciation and translation for the game I posted the other day. I'm not 100% sure about the grammar, but I think it's close. There's no real convention for referring to a word as a word as far as I can tell, so I made up the convention of using square brackets as quotation marks

(words like "lizard" and "paper" are more specific than the glyphs but "non-cute animal" and "flat and bendable thing" wouldn't fit in the infobox)

This toki pona font is pretty mind-blowing

Not only does it use ligatures to replace the ASCII characters with glyphs as you type, you can use a plus sign between them to combine glyphs. There's 120 words and the font accounts for over 6000 possible compound words

For example, if I wanted to write my surname, "bluelander", I could type "jan pi ma laso" and it converts it to the top four glyphs. But if I want to make a signature for myself, I type jan pi+ma+laso [_ma_akesi_e]
The first part means "person of the blue land" and the part in the cartouche is "ma akesi e", a phonetic representation of "matt" in the toki pona syllabary (mae pronounced as two syllables, like "mah-eh"). So cool!


Saw a chocolate chip brand that proclaimed itself "america's favorite morsel"

If a pollster stopped me to ask what my favorite morsel is, the only honest response I could give is "please go away"

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First shot at drawing the rules for Ijo Ala O

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mi sitelen musi Toki Pona. nimi musi li "Ijo Ala O".

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