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i also liked weinerville

no one else i knew watched it or ever talked about it, it was just on tv and i thought of my own accord "oh sure, this seems like a good way to be spending my time"

what the hell was wrong with me

man did anyone else think nickolodeon's "roundhouse" was cool?

i did, and it was objectively not cool

it was like the embodiment of that "hello my fellow kids" meme and i fell for it

i was a real wiener kid

something something something doctor feelgood
something something something something alright

i dunno as soulless as pocket camp is i don't feel like it's a chore or an obligation the way the old games were. the game doesn't punish me for not playing. so i'll probably stick with it at least a little longer.

angus said something today that made me lol for real. the game definitely has its moments. i just wish they weren't so far apart.

maybe you can get stung by bees and the animals are all really sympathetic and one will give you medicine


man i really wish i could just give nintendo money and play a new proper animal crossing on my phone with the improved UI

WHOA :animal_crossing: PC

i shook an empty tree (one that never grows fruit) and 300 bells fell out

that's a totally insignificant amount of currency but i'm thrilled to have seen something i didn't expect

maybe sometimes you can find rare crafting materials in trees. or items. who knows?! it's a literal gamechanger

welp 000webhost is toast. any other small free webhosts with no ads out there? don't need a ton of storage or SQL or anything.

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"the fourteenth expansion to everquest II" :mind_blown:

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btw this is a literal nightmare i had when i was asleep! i just woke up a few minutes ago safe in my home! sorry for the ambiguity

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the problem with the internet is, you want to find a video of a game you remember, but ALL the videos have someone talking over the top, slurping out of a plastic bottle, shouting "whats up fellow gamers" in a voice that indicates that theyre currently taking a shit

all social media needs a way to lock or disallow comments/replies on a per-post basis.

occasionally a person will want to just post something without inviting conversation about it.

this thought isn't directed at anyone here, but it'd be a good feature for masto too. just have a "don't @ me" button and it disables the reply button for that post.

if you agree or disagree, feel free to @ me! i'm interested in what others think about this

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