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"There are hundreds of Mario games that exist; and even more that don't"

Mario is best known for two things: jumping, and going through pipes. I think it's unfair that Mario gets two days of Christmas and Sonic only gets one. That's why I propose we change the 9th day (ladies dancing) to the more traditionally animal-themed "9 foxes flying"

imo the bible would've been more popular if they called it "The of Nazareth Code"

Anyone who splits up audiobooks this way should go to jail

My cousin's out fighting dragons, and what do I get? Another day older and deeper in debt

A Linda Rondstat is a device that automatically turns on the Linda Rondifier when the ambient Linda Rondity falls below a certain threshold

"Epic Games is publishing a first-person adventure game about Radiohead" is one of those sentences I'd love to send back in time to, say, 1994 and see how people react. No one could even speculate why anyone would say that as a joke. It's just word salad

:blobsleeping: "My apartment's on the top floor"
:blobidea: "My apartment's uppest stairs"

When I was a teenager I signed up for one of those "10 CDs for a penny" music club scams and they sent me 10 CDs. Then I just threw away every other piece of mail they sent and eventually it stopped. It was at that point that I learned that being in trouble is a fake idea

Why would I shop at a store called "Cost Corporation". I don't *want* costs


If you're looking for a cost-efficient meal, you can't go wrong with 10 pounds of potatoes

Today's google logo keeps making me think I need to degauss my monitor

ads, badweb 

My facebook feed contained a sponsored post from a Facebook page. The post was a link to a different website, seemingly unaffiliated with the page that made the sponsored post. The content on the page being linked to was screenshots of a funny twitter thread

So here we have a page paying Facebook for exposure in the hopes of getting more of a cut of Facebook's ad revenue linking to another website that gets ad revenue by stealing funny posts from a website that gets ad revenue because a lot of people work for them for free in hopes of... I dunno, going viral and plugging their soundcloud

The (b)adweb is an unfathomable gordian knot of grifts

covid lies, shower thoughts 

I wonder if ivermectin has *ever* been referenced in a piece of media outside of, like, livestock industry newsletters or journals of parasitology prior to this year

Like imagine watching an old episode of Grey's Anatomy or MASH and the doctor says "It's Strongyloidiasis! The patient needs ivermectin!" it'd feel like such a weird anachronism now

Antennapod shows you "suggestions from itunes" every time you want to search for or add a new podcast, and there's no way to disable it, but you CAN change the country for which it fetches recommendations

Not a lot of people listening to podcasts in Vatican City :blobcat:

A Linda Rondstat is a device that automatically turns on the Linda Rondifier when the ambient Linda Rondity falls below a certain threshold

Is this bread gluon-free? I can't have gluons. Leptons and quarks are fine

Old electronics nerds love talking about their units

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