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Did they ever explain why you're not supposed to squeeze the charmin

Just bought my first humidifier so hopefully I don't feel like the crumploid tomorrow

A new study from the Institute of My Ass shows that all official state business is exactly 58.3% less efficient in the four states that refer to themselves as "Commonwealth"

If TV is so great, how come it never challenges me to Test my Might?

The Church tries to reconnect with the youth while warning them about the dangers of satanic "games" in the first Actual Pray Podcast

The main theme of Final Fantasy 5 is the only rousing "let's go on an adventure!" theme I've ever heard that also fully conveys the trepidation of the unknown, and the melancholy of rememberimg the life you've left behind. It's incredible how effectively chiptunes can set the tone of those games. For all the fidelity and philharmony that goes into modern game soundtracks, a lot of them are so generic that the games might as well not even have music

Technology idea: monaural cassette tape that uses one track for frequencies of 1-11,000 hz and the other track for 11,000-22,000

I'd watch a 5-hour video about how good something is, but probably not one about how bad something is

It sucks that Theranos hurt real people, but the only thing they'll get in trouble for is the victimless crime of defrauding the rich. Pyrrhic justice

Give me a long enough lever, and a place to stand, and the cops will arrest me for loitering and disorderly conduct

For Halloween I'm going as a cat who can have little a salami, as a treat 🐌

us politics, centrists 

I've come to hate the word "access" so much

"Everyone deserves access to good healthcare"

"We need to make sure everyone has access to affordable housing"

"Access to clean water should be a human right"

It's like centrists have a psychic allergy to actually giving people things and providing services. The best we can hope for is a vague promise of nebulous availability. Sure, you have to spend 20 hours a week filling out forms and calling agencies to provide invasive personal information and mailing supporting documentation, but you can't say you didn't have access!!

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