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narcissistic parents 

been rereading Classic on forums of parents of estranged children:

it's a hot topic rn, because a friend is going through some shit

I've now finally come up with a fitting metaphor:

most children live to see their parents die.
but if a child decides their relationship with their abusive parents is over and cuts them off, their parents turn into a poltergeist:

I kinda wish I had one of those free to play grindy progress quest gatcha phone games where the central mechanic was fun. But I guess if the central mechanic was fun, people wouldn't pay not to have to do it

You must find and devour the seven crystal babies

I don't understand why my state had to add a second area code when our population is only 1.7 million. There should be enough phone numbers for everyone by a factor of 5. There must be some major shenanigans going on at the allocation station too many jokes about boomers being lead poisoned, not enough about whatever the fuck this is

If I had an infinite number of pennies, I wonder if I could put them in rolls fast enough for it to work out to minimum wage. I bet I couldn't

a thing that has been bugging me is that the Utah Jazz appear to be using a font in their marketing materials that is at least notionally based on the proportions and diagonal blocks of MegaZeux, the DOS EGA text mode shareware game (my recreation in MegaZeux on the left, original on the right). and I don't know what to make of this

I think Michael Jordan is the bad basketball friend

bad food 

I bought these store brand "dill pickles" and they are vile. I wish I checked the ingredient list first. I knew they weren't going to be the best pickles I ever had, but I figured they'd be, y'know, edible

They have no dill, no recognizable flavors. They just taste like chemicals. Why the fuck do they put so many artificial preservatives in *pickles*?

They say our love won't pay the rent
Before it's earned, our money's spent
But you don't care about their judgment, do ya?

They say we're young and we don't know
We won't find out until we grow
Cause you got me, and baby I got you-ya

I guess it's cause Wilco tried different things, and TFF just kept making worse versions of the same songs. "A Ghost Is Born" isn't a perfect album, but it's 100x more interesting than anything the Foo Fighters did after TC&TS

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A band can have one truly great album in them, and sometimes they fade right back into irrelevance afterward, like Wilco, and sometimes everyone keeps pretending they're still good for some reason, like the Foo Fighters

Damn. Kurt Cobain would have been 54 today

His birthday was February 20th, but he would have still been 54 today too

How far away from work do I live? Oh, about 15 minutes as the crow flies

People named Jeffrey or Jeffery need to have a meeting and come to a consensus re: whether their name should have one syllable or two

behind the bastards 

"I'm not a law-knower, but that seems crimey"

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