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"Creed's Scott Stapp to portray Frank Sinatra in Ronald Reagan Biopic"



There's no way a site that claims to automatically create song mashups can actually work, but did a better job than I was expecting. There are bits where you can hear it *almost* working

the thought "coffee is tea" entered my head unbidden and i had to make the whole alignment chart in order to banish it

People who design programs for apple phones take the "1990s adventure game" approach to discoverability: they seem to assume that I'll have fun swiping every UI element in every direction to discover where the functions are hidden

@lifning :point_of_advice: you can hold an extra post in the clipboard with ctrl+c. to use it, press the ctrl+v Button

They also sell this bizarre jacket

Like old technology? Why not festoon yourself with various unrelated brand logos?

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Saw someone wearing a hoodie that I thought would be for a band but I think it's just Hotline Miami: the brand

The way the ground is only frost-covered where the sun isn't hitting gives these bushes an inverse shadow

"Two Matchsticks" by the Wooden Birds is the only album title that's also a professor Layton puzzle solution


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This is *still* preferable to the bus, if you want an idea of how dire the transit situation is where I live

If I rode the bus home I'd have to be at the station at 4:30 AM, and if it was late, I'd have to stand outside in 20F weather til it shows up. Nowhere to sit but concrete. All this to go home from visiting my partner who lives an hour away. At least Amtrak opens the station.

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Second time ever catching a train in the US. Second time the train has been delayed at least an hour 🙃


Oh my god, my partner has a printer that was released in *2019* and the drivers have already disappeared from Canon's website. I had to download it from some random driver archive. Hope it's not full of worms!

This shit should be illegal. Johann Pachelbel, who I assume is the founder of Canon, should be in prison

Unhoused people and anti-homeless attitude 

If "X"s and "O"s are hugs and kisses, it stands to reason that triangle and square are also symbols of affection

Maybe triangles are headpats, and squares can be... uh... that elbow-bump thing


Cartridges for the TI-99 were officially called "solid-state software command modules", which is how I'll be referring to computer programs now


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