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How does one anodize aluminum? It's already pretty boring

Are you a fancy high-res HD screen for enjoying fine cinema, or are you an efficient matte computer display for getting important work done? Why not neither? 683:384, The Coward's Ratio

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I thought a WXGA display for a laptop would be fine but it has the one unfortunate flaw of not being tall enough to scale a dosbox window evenly beyond 960x600. I don't mind pillarboxing on a widescreen display, but not being able to use the full vertical resolution makes the text a bit of a chore to read. I wish laptops came in 1280x800. 1366x768 is a fake resolution

Since "squatting" in the online sense means registering a domain or username that you don't plan to use in hopes of making money from it later, I think in dirtspace we should start using "squatter" to mean someone who buys property they don't intend to live on in hopes of making money from it

How come in every TV show or movie that shows the perspective of an alien spacecraft approaching Earth, the northern hemisphere is always on top?

When I wash dishes by hand, no amount of rinsing will 100% convince my brain that I can't taste a little bit of soap; when I wash in a dishwasher, even if they taste slightly of soap, I assume that I'm wrong, because they were washed by a machine designed for that task, of *course* it rinsed them properly

Imagine actually hearing someone say "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" earnestly, not as a bit

I mean that's actually justifiable as an aphorism whereas "the proof is in the pudding" is nonsense, but still. Imagine

On the Donkey Kong "How high can you get? 25m" screen, I always interpreted it as saying that's how tall Donkey Kong is, not "this is how high up the building you've climbed." Why would they stack 1 Donkey Kong for every 25m if they weren't saying that's how tall Donkey Kong is? That's the conversion rate, 1 DK = 25m.

Compare their relative sizes and Mario is canonically about 8 meters (26 feet) tall. And that's *small* Mario

I wish there was a way to stream the show "Dave's World". When I was a kid, one of the episodes ended with the protagonist (Harry Anderson) playing the piano and singing "Louie Louie". My parents found it really funny, and when I asked what was funny about it, they said I'd understand when I'm older. I still don't understand, but I'm sure there were details or context I completely missed at the time. The episodes are only available on DVD, which are out of print and command an inexplicably high price. Who wants to watch "Dave's World"? Is everyone else trying to figure out what was funny about that scene too?


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Appropriately, the interface for reading books on is pretty inhumane, but I couldn't find a PDF anywhere. The only version of the book available on libgen is... a .chm. A Windows help file. Who would do this? Is it some kind of joke?

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The Humane Interface is a fun read. Half the stuff he says makes him sound like a total crank, the other half makes so much sense that I wonder if the stuff that seems cranky is just evidence that I'm a tech lemming. It's all well-written and interesting

Gonna start making reverse AMVs, with music from anime set to videos of scenes from live action movie films

"Catch You Catch Me (The Godfather RAMV)"

The Fast and Furious game has someone different playing Tej? They didn't get Ludacris? Talk about ludanarrative dissonance

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*I'd like it, I wouldn't be like it. Although maybe I could be like it too. Run a shoutcast station

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