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How about we turn the Earth into an inverse Dyson sphere? Cover the surface of the planet with solar panels to power our new underground terrapunk civilization. Gonna suggest this at the next town hall meeting


There's another one at 0:29 and 2:06. Fuck

It's still there in the awful Working Designs version, so I gotta assume that's just how the track is. They beefed it.

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Every version of this track from Magic Knight Rayearth for the Saturn I can find has what sounds like a CD skipping error in the same spot and it's driving me crazy

It's at the 0:19 mark and the 1:56 mark. The fact that it happens again at the loop point makes me think that this is how it's "supposed" to sound. This appears to be from the CD soundtrack rip, so I guess it was just mastered like that? It's a great track otherwise but that skip is all I can hear. I'm just girding myself for it every time.

what my subconscious thinks bojack horseman is about 

Where are my level packs
Where are my midi songs
Where are my custom skins
Where has all the data gone?

For all the enduring universal appeal of the smiley face, it's surprising that no one invented it until 1963

The Bob's Game youtube channel just uploaded its first video in 3 years, and it's, uh, this

indie handhelds, harsh noise for comic effect 

Sorry, this existential security certificate is only available to Education Platinum subscribers. Free users may still access the educational material, but actual material welfare will be unavailable.

It's been kind of a rough night and a Startropics guided meditation session is just what I didn't know I needed. Thanks, Alex

extremely silly ACAB joke 

Oh, it's not a full clone like Freeciv (or Free104 in Arabic numerals), it's just an engine replacement. Still gotta have the original data files. Makes sense, they're less of a target for litigation.

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Dang, I'm surprised OpenXcom is allowed to be called that and they didn't have to go with, like, Y-Com

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