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I wonder how often "we fixed a bug" means "we changed existing code that was broken" vs "we forgot to add the thing that makes this work, oops, it's in there now"

Dan Ryckert on his 50 best games of all time list: "This is gonna go out on that gold thing they send out in case aliens find it"

Chex Quest HD 

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Chex Quest HD has your character occasionally make quips throughout the game, and they're actually kind of funny and not repetitive or obnoxious. 10/10

The multiplayer in Chex Quest HD is split-screen? It is a computer game :sa_confused:

Contrary to their name, Alkaline Trio actually have a a pH of 5.5 which means they're slightly acidic

Design concept for a turn-based, deckbuilding MOBA. Pick a team and get your human units to the ancient tower, to defend it. Unique 4-lane layout. First player to get all 4 hero units to their own tower wins. Watch out, because you have to go through treacherous enemy territory to get there

I expelled a quantity of text about yakuza 0

Sorry for the sloppy editing in parts, had to get it under 8000 characters. Cleaned it up as well as I could before the laziness kicked in

Remember, the last round in a gun is the gun itself. Once you run out of bullets, just load it into your gun gun

Hm, I think my first act after defeating the oppressive oligarchs and becoming a hero to the people will be to torch a hundred million dollars by building a gold statue of myself in honor of my victory. This is normal and never leads to anything bad

yakuza 0 endgame 

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What was the website that had all the hilarious UI disasters? Like e.g. it had a slider for selecting a date, and as you moved the slider from left to right it quickly went from 1/1/0001 to 12/31/9999. Maybe not exactly that, but same general idea. It was a fun time

Fantasy Zone is such a weird arcade game. I dig it. As far as I can tell, there's no real time pressure. You can go back and forth freely, there's no time limit, you don't have to worry about running out of fuel. Maybe if you hang out long enough it summons some sort of pterodactyl/Evil Otto equivalent, but I'm taking my sweet time and haven't seen anything like that yet.

It's goal based, on the first level you have to kill all the hovering UFOs, at which point you fight a boss and move onto the next stage. You collect gold that you spend at shops that occasionally appear to upgrade your ship. It doesn't feel like an arcade game, so I like it. Definitely the best of the 4 arcade games you can play in Yakuza 0

Also when you touch the ground, your spaceship grows feet!

US census, race 

food misconception 

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food misconception 

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