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God, look at these good words. I'm so smart. I'm a real vocabulatician

wtf, I get a bonus for metal-related words, but "galvanize" doesn't count? Bite me, game

Actually I guess the massive bump started in the 80s as people started talking about software piracy and only reached its peak in 2001. It seems totally counter-intuitive to me, I'd expect a plateau in the 90s followed by another massive spike in the mid-2000s. Data is weird

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Very similar story with "piracy". Massive bump in 2001, immediate drop-off. Makes sense that napster would have caused a huge surge, I'm just surprised it subsided so quickly. I'd expect the peak to have been around 2008, when people had fast enough internet speeds to pirate movies, the MPAA was starting to freak out, The Pirate Bay was huge and starting to come under legal scrutiny

Now that I actually expand the graph to cover the whole data period, up through 2012, the bittorrent bump only seemed to happen for one year, and then it immediately fell off again

Which seems weird, because AFAIK this data only comes from published books, not internet sources, so it seems like the bump should have happened much later. I can't imagine many people were talking about it until the mid 2000s at the earliest.

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Bittorrent was released in 2001, and it's barely made a dent in the decline in use of the word "torrent". We're not even back up to 1940s levels. Old-timey people sure loved dramatically describing the rain

The Trials of Mana demo seems cool so far. I don't know if I'm going to be able to play it. I like the mechanics just fine with one character, but there are two party members who don't show up until later. I don't mess with action RPGs where you have to manage a party. Hopefully I can just safely ignore them.

The game sure is pretty


They're called rabites because they're rabbits that bite you

Now I get it

alochol, fiction 

animal crossing meme i ripped from reddit’s cold dead hands

If you're vain, your two options for having fun are pretty much a fair or a bonfire

Content warning: this post contains 25% post-consumer content by volume

If war is so great, then how come we have surnames for smith and tailor, but no one's named Tony Swordstabber or Johnny Crossbow? Sounds to me like history is written by the helpers

Pokemon Go bonus minigame: use an incense, then try to rotate the map clockwise such that the spinning pink semicircle remains stationary

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