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I feel like "a spiritual successor to the chrono series" should be a big deal, maybe on the same level as a new game by Kojima or Igarashi, but it's just a free-to-play thing unceremoniously dumped onto smartphones so no one ever heard of it

It even has new Yasunori Mitsuda music. What a tragedy.

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"In 2017 [Masato Kato] released a spiritual successor to the Chrono series for iOS and Android, titled 'Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space.'" dafuq

medical bullshit, body parts 


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@matt HLS is HTTP Live Streaming. That flag moves all of the responsibility of handling the video stream to the player, rather than streamlink being a proxy for the video content. So the player you use has to support HLS (VLC and mplayer both do).

Huh, if you use "--player-passthrough hls" with streamlink, you can watch VODs with full seeking functionality. I don't know what HLS is or why it doesn't use it by default, but super useful thing to learn

When you learn music theory you hear rules like "no parallel motion in fifths" and "V resolves to I" and eventually you learn these aren't bright lines you mustn't cross, they're guides we've observed to have worked in the past. Storytelling classes skip that last part I guess?

The conflict-driven story is an extremely Western, capitalist form.

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It'd be nice if there was a way to listen to the SPC sets at around the same volume without doing replay gain analysis on 28000 individual tracks

You'd think that would be what one of these settings in SNESamp is for, but they are like hieroglyphics to me. Nothing happens when I click help and no instructions seem to exist. I've been fiddling with the settings for over an hour to see if any of them make the music play in a way that a human might want to listen to, and no luck so far

tfw you have a constant gnawing sense of having had and lost some infinite thing :blob_dizzy_face:

I will never meet another human in real life who wants to play a 2-hour TRPG session about going to a town, buying cute items cheaply, and taking a bath :blobpensive:

I refuse to play any tabletop RPG that only uses D6s because half the fun of the experience is having excuse to roll cool dice

🙄 Okay Wikipedia, this is clearly against the spirit of the concept you're trying to illustrate

Having used adblockers for a decade, it's easy to forget that it's no longer possible to rickroll someone. Assuming that the URL isn't parsed by whatever virtual machine you're pasting it into and the title given away before they even click it, unless you know the person you're rickrolling is also using an adblocker (increasingly unlikely as more people shift to proprietary apps), they won't hear "never gonna give you up", they'll hear an ad. They'll see the video title and close the window. Kind of sad.

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The video for "never going to give you up" should be designated a culturally and historically important piece of media and preserved by the library of congress at a permanent but inconspicuous URL

I'm thankful that I'm no longer compelled to spend time around people who don't like me and eating food I don't like so today could pretty much just be a normal day for me

They Live was an extremely political movie. it's all about the 1988 bubble gum shortage sweeping america

I just remembered that I realized that the CD burning software was called "Alcohol 120%" because ISOpropyl alcohol + Asuka 120% Burning Fest

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