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This tune from Light Crusader sounds so much like something that was ripped off for a PSX or PS2 era RPG. I want to say it's a character theme from one of the Finals Fantasy but I can't find what it reminds me of. It's on the tip of my brain.

Quite an earworm though.

Wish I could skip the part of the night where I wake up, panic because it's completely dark outside, check the time, realize that I don't have to be up for another three hours, and try to calm down and get back to sleep

Have you ever eaten at a 'langar' ??

If yes, do share your experience. And if not, find a Gurudwara nearby and go eat.
It's beyond just the food. It's service. It's humanity. It's love.

Sharing a few pictures of the afternoon langar at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.

#delhi #banglasahib #photography #travel #life #food #communitykitchen #langar #india



Damn, "The Beach" was based on a novel by Alex Garland and directed by Danny Boyle? And apparently it sucked? That's a bummer, I love Alex Garland. And DB is okay from what I've seen. The book seems well-regarded, I wonder what went wrong. Maybe just a bad adaptation, or studio meddling. I oughta read the book.

I didn't put myself through 12 years of dubstep school so people can call me "Mister P"

retro games, consumerism- 

retro games, consumerism- 

retro games, consumerism- 

"It makes a great stocking stuffer, and if it won't fit in their stocking... buy them a bigger stocking. Bonus gift!"

I have no intention to start making sense until David Byrne says it's ok again. He knows better than I do.

The only reason "there's a german word for everything" is because they're allowed to smoosh words together without spaces and we're not

Did you know there's a word in English for a person who plays the tuba in corn fields to scare away snakes? They're called cornfieldtubasnakescaries

The experience of actually reading a "Tingler" is similar to reading an Onion story that should have just been a headline

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