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I will never really understand why WWI happened

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With the new valve VR stuff, just the *controllers* are almost $300, jesus christ

Very no thank you


Those impertinent enough to complain about losing their limbs to the great devourer this year should maybe stop and reflect on your good fortune at being left with your head and torso; last year's snackrifice was not treated so kindly. You should be thankful for the breath you still have, not use it to whinge about a few nibbled arms and legs. It's entitlement, plain and simple

I technically live in a cul-de-sac, but only because my hardy appalachian forbears carved a civilization out of whatever parts of the mountain they could flatten out enough, presumably with big hand-forged iron pick-axes and powder kegs. If you ignore the dead end signs and keep heading down my street, your car will run out of road and start uncontrollably barrelling down a steep wooded hill, probably to get permanently stuck in an impassible copse and eventually be reclaimed by the earth

Facebook is the opposite of an information superhighway. It's a distortion cul-de-sac

If you love a turtle on its back, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, you were a replicant all along.

In Nethack you have like a 3% chance of a fountain containing an infinite number of snakes. I'm glad the odds of this happening in real life are a little lower than that

Aw, had to restart my phone finally, had some weird bug where it was endlessly looping the lockscreen password entry. 50 days. That's 72000 minutes, and it takes 2 minutes to restart my phone, so that's 99.99% uptime. Eat shit, The Cloud

Pffft, classic observation bias: you think something's real just because you and others have witnessed it happening a few times. Facts don't care about your feelings, so get back to me when you have some actual data and not just electrical impulses in your brain created by your human senses, ok snowflake?

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