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Hey, we got an original Jackson Pollock for the office, possibly. No one can prove it's not

Is Billy Joel Armstrong from Greenday the same one who did we didn't start the fire

That was a fun song

"Apple's always been weird about games" NOT IN 1983, DAMMIT

I'd like a fediverse instance that checks every image attachment against every previously uploaded one and doesn't allow any that are mostly identical to a previous image

That, or the ability to mute certain images individually

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Windows: Sleep saves your session and puts your computer in a low-power state so you can quickly resume working.

Me (suspiciously): Yeah... working.

Windows (in affirmation) Yeah, working.

Me (duplicitously) Yeah... "working".

Windows (impatiently) Yeah, working!

My chromebook is already "end of life"... if you know what I'm sayin ๐Ÿ’ป :blobcatknife:

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"Kefedokhles: (1) A fid from the Halls of Orithena who survived the eruption of Ecba to become one of the Forty
Lesser Peregrins. In his old age, he appears to have turned up on the Periklyne, though some scholars believe that this must have been a son or namesake of the Orithenan."

Thanks, The Dictionary

"The Hobbit" is seen as LOTR for babies because it's a normal-sized book about characters instead of a 3000-page tome about fuckin plate tectonics or whatever

Can't charge my 8bitdo controller because it's USB-C and I forgot to bring the cable home this weekend -_-

Guess I'd better get some adapters or something, cuz I guess this is the future now

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