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re: "rap, what the hell is this from?" FOUND IT 

pokemon go 

pokemon go 

rap, what the hell is this from? search engines are failing me 

rap, what the hell is this from? search engines are failing me 

Tyler Perry's movies always start out in Madea res

My posts are procedurally generated, if you consider loopy hypnogogic graphorrhea to be a procedure, which I do

You... you're actually going to decide where we get dinner? Of COURSE you can have my social security number, darling! Tell me more about the millions you're going to wire me once you depose the vile shapeshifter appointed King of Genovia and take your rightful place on the throne

Say what you will about scam artists, they tend to take the initiative in a relationship. They're decisive, know what they want, know how to get things done. Gotta respect em

When you get a meal catered they're contractually obligated to serve Caterade

popular internet videographer 

I'd say overall I'm neutral as far as eating noises are concerned

Are you there, God? It's me, Edmund Fitzgerald. I'm kind of a wreck right now tbh

I am legally impelled to issue the following statement: new information has come to light that leads me to believe that the ideas for which I'm seeking funding are, in fact, precedented. I apologize for the oversight and retract any claims to the contrary


fake spoilers 

Tired: High Fidelity
Wired: Wired Fidelity
Liar'd: Wireless Fidelity

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