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Okay well, I guess the answer is that they downgraded it from the "mod" category to the "files" category, which I guess is how I should have uploaded it. Whatevs!

We ain't here to cause no trouble

We just wanna ride the state house shuttle



Not only was SolSeraph made by ACE team, it was written by Jonas Kyratzes?! Okay, now I have to get it. Abyss Odyssey and The Sea Will Claim Everything are two of my favorite games of the last decade. I don't think I'm going to like the RTS stuff but I gotta try it. Maybe it has a "platforming only" mode like ActRaiser did.

What the hell kind of mod website is this if you can't even upload a wad?! Have you even heard of video game modding? Good grief

Uh, to add something to moddb you're required to upload 5 images. What if it's a music mod?

@matt Samsung's old version of the heart eyes emoji is terrifying, and is honestly one reason I was relieved to get a new phone

I know using text emoticons out me as one of the olds, but I'm still not comfortable sending graphical emojis when I don't know how they're going to show up to the other person

What if a winking face looks normal on my phone and looks like some ahaego bullshit on the version of android on the Plusgood 7 pro?


I thought someone with a Duke Nukem avatar was someone else with a Duke Nukem avatar, which was already a faulty assumption, and then I realized the second person actually has a photo of themselves as an avatar and just happens to look kinda like Duke Nukem

If I could hack roms, I'd hack Mario and Sonic characters into Caveman Games

It would still be all the same events, outrunning sabre-tooth tigers, hitting each other with clubs and pole-vaulting over dinosaurs, it'd just be mario and sonic characters doing it. "Mario and Sonic at the Caveman Games"

questionable, maybe gross food 

Switch lite~ 

I kinda like the dead pixel on my phone. Gives it character.

I stopped giving a damn about my reputation and all I got was this lousy still not being able to say fuck on the radio

Right I made a zine about cockatoos the other day. Behold. Some serious serendipity - I was drawing it when an article popped up about a cockatoo pulling up the anti nesting spikes on a building in Australia. That was awesome & weird enough, then I was listening to a podcast and they mentioned a cockatoo who stowed away on a cruise ship. So I had to fit those in obviously. (1 of 2)

Skull Timbrels, a soundtrack replacement mod for Doom 1 featuring the music of Bull of Heaven

Scampering Gremlins Dispatched Quixotically

I want to make a Doom level where you have to press "use" against a wall and grunt "shave and haircut, two bits". Then the secret opens up

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