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I also adore the β€œtiger is out” poem by Nael and it reminds me of how super good this poem is too.

(I mean, if you want to be extremely technical, the Sega Nomad invented this idea in 1995, it was just barely usable as a portable because of its terrible battery life.

Then again I'm sure the NGX was a bad portable device too, because it doesn't have a d-pad. And the Switch is a bad portable device because it doesn't have a d-pad and it has bad battery life. This is a good idea with a long track record of poor execution)

Did you know that SNK and Tommo invented the Nintendo Switch? The Neo Geo X Gold was a handheld console that came with a docking station with HDMI out and controller ports so you can play on your TV. Way back in 2012. It's a shame the game library was so poor (which let's be real, there are very few Neo Geo games worth playing in general) and by all accounts the emulation was bad. It was a great idea.

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Nobody* knows a single sentence of information about Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase, or has heard a single other piece of music by Dimitri from Paris... but everyone* remembers Nekomimi Mode

*me, I

*intensely, like an anime fight man* I'm about to go nekomimi mode!!

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@matt my ISP will let me have it for $10, but I have to pay per the minute to call numbers outside of my area code with my VOIP connection.

It's kind of wild that ISPs will charge an extra $20 a month for "telephone service", when all they do is set up a phone to use a VOIP connection on the internet you're already paying them for

It's like if they charged an extra fee for "internet TV" and they just put a shortcut to youtube on your desktop

Okay, they went the opposite direction I wanted for the new Animal Crossing. That's fine. It doesn't have to be for me. I sure wish I could enjoy one of those games because I love the aesthetics, but oh well. I'm glad it exists and will inspire other people to go on and make cute games I may be able to enjoy

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Sigh, no new switch hardware announced at E3 :/ Maybe next year

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I read the wikipedia article about slide rules but I still can't even speculate about how they work. It's some sort of number alchemy

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