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Frankie Muniz' full name is "All About The" Benjamin(s) Franklin (re)Mun(eration) iz "Doing Quite Well For Himself"

@matt @Aleums In case you're curious, they do still do them on TV and all of the drawings are archived on respective lotto websites.

The process is interesting: part of their security policy is to maintain around five of the ping pong ball machines at a time, and the one to be used is chosen randomly before each drawing.

Since all valid tickets are recorded in a database, I think people would be suspicious that the app would be able to intentionally pick "losing" numbers.

Konami picross is good

It says "contains ads" but I haven't seen any yet. It might have a "watch an ad to get more hints" option or something. So far all the puzzles seem well/fairly designed and it seems like it contains hundreds. Good stuff

Do lottery drawings still use ping-pong balls or is that a horribly outdated reference?

They probably just use an app now

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I can't drive 55

I can only drive an approximation of 55 within the margin of error of my speedometer. It's probably pretty close - it's probably somewhere between 54.9 and 55.1 - but I can't promise that I can drive exactly 55. I'm sorry.

If you make an accurate physics simulation of 10 ping-pong balls with numerals rolling around in a drum, and have a computer hand reach in and pull one of them out, is that a true random number generator? Or is it still pseudorandom because the underlying math behind the physics is still on some level deterministic?

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Me when someone asks what my favorite chemical element is prior to 2012: Uuh

Open the door
Get on the floor
Man hook hand door hand car door

Listening to radio in a language you don't speak is ideal because the ads usually aren't annoying. I'd probably use spotify if I could opt into non-English ads only

Don't take it personally, bro, it just ain't a cool story

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