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Have the self-confidence of the Boomtang Boys, who named their first album "Greatest Hits Volume 1"

Aw man, this joke should have been "Drawing fictional things wasn't invented until 1929, when René Magritte painted an imaginary pipe" >:(

I'd say a good half the time people talk about differences in dialect pronunciation within the US, I can't tell the difference

"I heard someone ask for a 'pen' the other day, but they were asking for a pen! I've never heard anyone say pen like that, I've only heard it pronounced like pen"

"Haha yeah... weird..."

Here's my Will Smith as the genie from Aladdin joke: "Oh cool Avatar 2 is finally out"

Have any gore/slasher horror movies done the No Country for Old Men thing and made them legitimately terrifying by having no score whatsoever? Or would that be too much?

My very carefully curated EA Origin library. Just the essentials here, folks

I like how the main argument in ancient aliens conspiracy theories is "old-timey people drew it"

Drawing fictional things wasn't invented until 1647, when Paulus Potter painted a species of goat that did not actually exist in The Netherlands at that time. Until then, artists were only able to draw exactly what they were looking at

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A really long time ago I saw a post where someone on 4chan took whole albums and either slowed down or sped up the left channel by .2% and uploaded them to pirate sites as an Elaborate Ruse.

They uploaded a version of "The Mother We Share" as an example but I could never find it again so I recreated it and you get to listen to the beautiful mess that is this:

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I do not want to hear about how ugly you think a billionaire is.
I hate billionaires too, but I’m never going to wanna hear that someone we both hate is ugly. Never.

The ‘beauty is good, ugly is bad’ thing is always always absolutely terrible.

It feeds the idea that our self-worth is connected to what we look like and no amount of ‘body positivity’ is worth shit if we continue to pull this crap just because we wanna joke about someone we hate.

Finished up The Wizard's Lair. There's an extra challenge after the last floor that I wasn't even remotely prepared for, so I got out while I could. It was the perfect game for listening to a few hours of podcasts. It's minimal and chill but stays interesting through clever encounter design, good randomization and learnable systems. I'm going to play again and see if I can tackle the post-game stuff.

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I wonder if I should pick up that Hat in Time game now that I like 3D platformers. It's on sale for half off, and it seems to have been a LOT better received than Yooka-Laylee was.

I don't get Americans who get super grouchy about the pronunciation of ZX Spectrum. Like, I don't say zed under normal crumstances, but I still say "zed ex", because "zee ex" sounds bad, because the brand was invented in the UK, where it would have been pronounced "zed ex". I've heard more than one American say "I'm not saying zed, we don't pronounce it that way here!" and... okay? We don't speak German here either, do you insist on referring to the band Kraftwerk as "power station"?

Found a nice simple little roguelike that can be played with a controller, which is surprisingly rare. I don't think I've EVER seen an example of one that wasn't originally intended for a console. I wish there were more.

Do you think Harrison Ford and Chevy Chase are secretly mortal enemies?

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