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Before Animal Crossing, I didn't know the difference between alpacas and llamas; now, I don't know the difference between llamas and alpacas.

Seapunk is the opposite of country music.

(because you're at sea instead of in a country. international waters, you see. pretty good, eh?)

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I wonder if boos are the ghosts of shy guys. They try to hide their face when you look at them because they can't wear masks in their spirit form. :mario_awe:

So far my real life KDR is 1. I haven't killed anyone, but I haven't died yet either. And zero divided by zero is.. uh... well anyway, hope I can maintain this stellar ratio

Ugh, so much wasted potential. There's a truckload of metadata for each pokemon that already exists. What if instead of just typing their name, you were filling out the pokedex entries? What if you were one of the original pokemon researchers? What if filling out an entry for a pokemon made it possible to craft a pokeball and start catching them? What if there was a story and a metagame? Just... man, bare minimum effort. A keyboard gimmick alone isn't enough to carry a game.

Sure, I can sort of start learning them through repetition, but it's not like I'm going to get to the point where I see a Regigigas and immediately recognize it, remember how to spell it, and start typing it as naturally as any other word. I mean, I *could*, but I don't really care to.

Well, I'm at a huge disadvantage in Pokemon Typing Adventure for not having encyclopedic knowledge of hundreds of Pokemon. :/ There's a delay of a couple seconds between the pokemon appearing on screen and its name showing up, and to do well, the game expects me to identify it and start typing its name immediately, before it tells me what its name is. And the number that I recognize beyond the initial 151 is pretty much zero. And only typing fictional words I'm unfamiliar with isn't much fun.

They're called Ted Talks because each one is the audiovisual equivalent of reading the manifesto of Ted Kaczynski

Samus lives in space, but she's mostly depicted as adventuring on planets; however, Starfox, a land-dweller, has never been seen outside of his spaceship except in the non-canon Starfox Adventures. This has led many fans [who?] to speculate that Nintendo management is conspiring to keep them apart due to the negative attention an interspecies relationship would bring the company. This has been confirmed by multiple anonymous sources on both projects. [citation needed] [this article has multiple issues]

Really bummed at all these recent enhanced ports of old games that aren't getting PC releases. :/ The SNK collection and the new Phantasy Star port both do really exciting new things with emulation and I'd love to be able to check them out. Can't even find a hint about whether a PC release is planned for either of them. Really hope this is a fluke and not a bellwether.

*former lol god dammit

See?! Same toot! Totally unintentional!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who will never remember whether Ripley was the character in the Alien movies and Ridley is the alien in Metroid, or vice versa

I just looked it up and it's the latter, but give it about 5 minutes and this information will vanish from my brain. I won't even remember looking it up. 6 months from now or whenever is the next time I'm confused about this, I'll probably make this exact post again. Mark your calendars.

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You know what's weird? This is a bluetooth keyboard (I'm using it with my computer right now) but neither the word bluetooth nor the little rune symbol appear anywhere on the box, the game, or in the game manual. The only place the word appears is the technical specifications section of the manual for the keyboard, where it specifies that the "wireless system" is bluetooth 2.0. No logos, licenses, anything. The cartridge has a bluetooth radio in it but there's no indication of that anywhere. Very peculiar.

Also, huge thanks to Nintendo for clarifying that you can type a question mark on your keyboard by holding the shift key and pressing the slash key. Helpful as always. This is very esoteric stuff.

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